Holby City: Bernie struggles to be frank

bernie holby(Series 18, ep. 30) I do love Jemma Redgrave. In a very short time she’s established Bernie Wolfe as an interesting, multi-dimensional character. Even before we discovered the truth about Alex there was always a below-the-surface vulnerability about her, though she presents herself as feisty and confident.

Her confidence clearly doesn’t carry through to her personal life, because despite her decision to stop living a lie and ask her husband for a divorce, when he appeared on Keller as a locum it was clear that she hadn’t told him the whole story. Even worse, she was terrified that Dominic would tell him about Alex. So she texted Dominic (who was keeping Digby company in chemo) to say please don’t say anything. But who knew there was a Dominic Copeman (as opposed to Copeland) in Anaesthetics? What a coincidence! And it seems that he loves a gossip, and soon everyone and the lady in Pulses knew, and Bernie’s secret love was no secret any more. 

You can understand her husband being a bit cross about this news, but I was disappointed by Serena’s reaction. She was angry that she’d been open with Bernie about her own personal life and but Bernie hadn’t been honest about hers, which is sort of fair enough but I didn’t think it warranted giving Bernie the cold-shoulder. I hope that when Serena’s had a bit of a think she’ll realise that Bernie’s situation is complicated, and the delicious Campbell/Wolfe double act will be back on again.

fletch naomi holbyTalking of double acts, there’s a precious one on AAU in the shape of Raf and Fletch (“Faf”? Better than “Retch,” I’d have thought). This lovely friendship was almost disrupted by the arrival of Naomi Palmer (Lorna Brown) from Psych. Fletch took an instant shine to her, which puzzled me because she seemed almost entirely tedious. There was a nice scene, though, where Raf and Fletch bickered like an old married couple while Naomi attempted to mediate.

There was a little Fletchling wandering around. This one was called Mikey (Kai O’Loughlin), and it was yet another brilliant piece of casting as he was like a mini-me of Fletch. He was a proper cheeky chappie type, who very sweetly helped a man with agoraphobia take his first steps back into a happy life, via the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. As such he was for more useful than Psych Naomi.

zosia holbyZosia could perhaps have benefited from some of Fletch Jr’s wisdom, as she was once again having trouble coming to terms with Digby’s cancer enough to support him. Perhaps the most brutal advice would be “it’s not about you, it’s about him,” but I’m going to cut Zosia some slack because she’s lovely. It wasn’t terribly helpful when the sight of a tumour in theatre gave her the theatre-wobbles, though. Luckily Ollie was on hand to take over.

He’s doing his best to understand what Zosia is going through and to help her. Jac was a little less sympathetic. “I don’t do the pastoral stuff,” she said. “So  – purely to cover my own back – would you like some time off or something?”

Next time: One way or another, it’s going to be emotional.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Bernie struggles to be frank

  1. A pedant writes: I think Bernie sent an email, not a text… but I do agree about Serena being a bit rough on Bernie. The shot of Bernie walking away after that exchange was brilliant.

    • It was on her phone anyway 🙂

      • Emma Chaplin

        Yes it was an email. I wondered why Bernie, who later texted, bothered to say “I’ll send him an email” to whoever it was she was talking to at the time. Clearly so the snafu could occur. People DON’T email, they’d text!

  2. Marine

    I was rather sad about Serena’s reaction too – I can kind of understand it in that Serena was thinking that they could form the cheated-ex-wives-club and then found out it wasn’t that at all, but more than that it felt like Serena had to act that way because this was obviously the “wow everything is terrible for Bernie” episode. I was glad to see Dom stand up for himself after the misunderstanding, but I’d have liked to see things smoothed out between the two of them, too. Hopefully things can only go up for her? (I just want Bernie and Serena to drink a lot of wine and spark off one another again. Raf can join them. Serena is great at drinking wine and sparking off other characters.)

    Rationally, I get that after what she went through with her mother, Digby’s condition would be hard on Zosia, but irrationally I wasn’t much of a fan of “gosh Zosia isn’t Digby’s cancer so difficult for you”. Like, cool having a thing all about Digby’s illness while hardly featuring Digby himself, I guess.

    I’ve seen people use ‘Flaf’ for Fletch and Raf, haha. I kind of like it for the terribleness. Holby smushnames are almost uniformly awful to begin with.