Holby City: Time to be brave

alex bernie holby(Series 18, ep. 28) I’d forgotten what a brilliant actor Heather Peace is. She appeared in Holby yesterday as Alex, locum anaesthetist. This was the same Alex who’d been in the army with Bernie and sent her flowers when she first arrived at Holby as a patient. The charged atmosphere between them just screamed “unfinished business” – even Dominic noticed.

There was such chemistry between Heather Peace and Jemma Redgrave and their scenes together were intense and emotional. Bernie and Alex were in love and Bernie was struggling with the choice she’d made to try and make a success of her marriage and family life. Bernie had a little heart-to-heart with Dominic in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. “How wonderful life could be if only I was brave enough,” she told him. Dominic said she shouldn’t live a lie. When we last saw her she was heading off home to have a difficult conversation with her husband. Meanwhile, Alex has gone, because she couldn’t bear to have her heart broken again. She told Bernie to come and find her when she’s sorted her life out. I really hope she does just that, because Holby needs an anaesthetist now Jesse’s gone, and Alex would be an excellent addition to the cast. 

mr t mo holbyI wonder whether we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Mr T (MR T!!!) in the coming weeks? In an episode where he stood up for himself as Mo’s professional equal, he got approval from Hanssen to expand his department – and he wants to go into womb transplants. I’m hoping this means a sharing of skills and facilities with Darwin, because then we wouldn’t have to wait for a pregnant heart patient to turn up before getting him up there.

The romance between him and Mo is still brewing nicely. He really is her best cheerleader – he brought her a big bunch of balloons to celebrate her first day as a consultant (now nasty Sir Dennis Bigoted-Dinosaur has been ousted – hurrah!). At the end, they released the balloons (with no regard to the wildlife of Wyvernshire, but still) and made a wish. And we saw Mo’s hand almost – almost – reach for his.

serena jason holbyRomance was also in the air on AAU, where Serena was contemplating moving into a lovely new house with Robbie the Bobby. Or Robbie the soon-to-be-ex-bobby, because it was his last shift before retiring. TV policemen having their last shift are usually faced with a hideous murder that haunts them until they’re forced out of retirement to crack the case. On Robbie’s last day there was nothing more heinous going on in Holby than a spot of shoplifting, but the shoplifters were Serena’s nephew Jason and his “girlfriend,” Lola. Sadly Jason was being exploited by this girl, and when Serena discovered that he was living in a bleak room and people were taking advantage of him, she had no choice but to ask him to live with her. She hoped Robbie wouldn’t mind, but he did mind because he’s not as nice as Serena hoped he was.

Someone who is nice is Digby, and he was trying to cheer Morven up by booking a weekend away to Verona. She went all stroppy because she can’t just swan off while her dad’s ill etc, but Fletch told her to cut Digby a bit of slack. He’s wise, that Fletch.


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6 responses to “Holby City: Time to be brave

  1. “Holby needs an anaesthetist now Jesse’s gone” ha ha love that… it has also been doing without a Consultant Pharmacist since Mrs Smug left! why is it that in dramas a surprise holiday never goes down well. Talk before you book, I say!

  2. I think, to be fair, Robbie the Bobby had a right to be consulted BEFORE she made a decision affecting both of them in their (in theory) new place together. But they don’t quite click as a couple for me anyhoo. She needs someone funnier.

    • Jenny BG

      I’ve never thought they were right together either. He certainly wasn’t truthful as regards Jason, because he gave Serena the impression that he was accepting of Jason being in her life.

  3. UlrikeH

    I agree, Serena deserves someone more relaxed. I can see Robbie the Bobby being controlling and possibly even worse, and that would be a shame!

    But, Alex and Bernie, now that would be a dream couple! Talk about being led up the garden path by a red herring, errm Henrik Hanssen. There definitely was a lot of electricity and Dominic’s gaydar was on full alert. Let’s hope the writers don’t over-dramatise this story, I can see these two working together, in private as well as professionally. But then again, who am I trying to kid. This is a drama!!

  4. Dreamer

    Ha, I was right about Bern! So I wonder if Ric/Serena is gonna happen.

  5. Sarah

    I hope Robbie’s departure doesn’t mean the writers throwing Serena at Ric. They only work as friends, if Robbie was too boring then Ric is far too miserable and dull. Give her someone with a bit of spark or at least some humour.

    Bernie and Alex – fantastic! The chemistry there should be an example for all Holby relationships.

    Mr T and Mo look like they might finally be starting to get on the same track, but given its Holby I’m presuming now that Mo’s realised what a star he is Mr T will suddenly start dating someone else!