Holby City: Jesse gets his priorities in order

hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 27) Lift doors opening. CEO with nosebleed! But why? The action goes back to ten hours earlier, but luckily for us it’s been compressed into one hour of quality drama, so we don’t have too long to wait to find out.

It turned out that the cause of Hanssen’s nosebleed was the least of the action in what was a very busy and traumatic night shift, not least for Mo and Jesse. The Curse of Holby relatives and friends reached giddy proportions when both Jesse’s father Thomas and Mo’s mother Ina were both admitted at the same time, straight from Jesse’s mother’s funeral.

jesse holbyWe discovered that Jesse had been actively avoiding visiting his mother since she’d become disabled by a stroke, and he did his best to avoid spending time with his father in hospital. Luckily Morven was on hand with her speciality doctoring, which throws in lots of TLC along with the FBC’s, U’s and E’s and LFT’s. She discovered that Thomas was diabetic but was refusing medication – he didn’t see any point living on lentils without his wife. “There are worse things than dying,” he said, though in my opinion there are worse things than lentils because I’m quite partial. Anyway, Jesse eventually realised that he’d just been drifting since Adele dumped him in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish. It was time to get his priorities straight, which meant taking his dad to Trinidad to help him scatter his mum’s ashes in her home country. Thus we had to say goodbye to the prettiest anaesthetist since Zubin, while Jesse went off to concentrate on cracking out of prison to terrorise Denise on EastEnders (I don’t know if he’s actually pencilled in to do that, but I’d vote for it). 

mo holbyMeanwhile, Mo was in a dilemma. On the one hand a mother with a heart condition that Mo felt (and Ollie agreed) could benefit from surgery. On the other side, Sir Dennis Bigoted-Dinosaur, whose conservative treatment of the patient involved getting a DNR signed, because at the ripe old age of sixty something she was surely knocking on heaven’s door already. The ensuing drama involved Sir Dennis cocking up Ina’s drugs and overdosing her, Jesse and Mo preparing to do maverick surgery on her, Jac stepping in, and Sir Dennis snoozing throughout the proceedings. Jesse’s career would have been hanging on a knife edge if he hadn’t already decided to quit. I did love his parting words in the boardroom – “Mr Hanssen, Mr Griffin, Mo, it’s been a pleasure. Jac… yeah.”

Sir Dennis, it turns out, was more than Jac’s mentor at the start of her career and paid her tuition fees. He suggested to her that she would behave in just the same way as him and would do anything to hold on to power. That might have been true of Early Jac, but we know her better than that and I can’t help thinking Sir Dennis’s Holby days are numbered.

ric holbyBut what of Keller, I hear you ask. Well indeed. Keller patient o’ the week had broken his penis. Who knew that was even a thing? We didn’t get even a glimpse of this injury, which possibly left the prosthetics team feeling rather thwarted but avoided the BBC switchboard being jammed by complaints.

Bernie and Ric disagreed about how to treat the problem. Ric proposed a “degloving.” I quite often google Holby procedures out of interest or for spelling, but I didn’t want to go near that one. Luckily for the patient, Bernie didn’t want to go near it either, and did an equally horrific-sounding but less traumatic procedure. Poor Dominic looked quite faint, but was able to get stuck in and do some of the procedure himself.

ric hanssen dominic holbyRic and the owner of the penis were soon bonding happily over a shared interest in boxing and playing cards, and this is what got Hanssen’s nose into trouble. An impromptu card game in the staff room led Bernie to encourage Ric to show off his boxing moves, and Hanssen loomed through the door straight in the path of a right hook. Ouch.

Next time: What is Nicky Boston off of Waterloo Road doing at Holby? Is Serena finally going to settle down with Robbie? And – about time too – MR T!!!


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9 responses to “Holby City: Jesse gets his priorities in order

  1. First time reading one of your reviews and let’s just say I think they may have become a regular fixture in my Holby calender. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  2. wiggles

    So many questions:

    – why were there so many consultants working the night shift?
    – why, if you are from London, would you hold your wife’s funeral/wake in Holby where, presumably, the majority of your friends aren’t?
    – where was Gene?
    – did I miss the part where Jesse and Mo became really really good friends and their families too?
    – where were Adele and the other Effanga sister?’

    all these, and many more, to be answered no time soon

    Great review though!!!

    • – why were there so many consultants working the night shift?
      You’d have to say, “for dramatic purposes” and leave it at that.

      – why, if you are from London, would you hold your wife’s funeral/wake in Holby where, presumably, the majority of your friends aren’t?
      Once again this depends whether we’re assuming Holby is in Bristol or Borehamwood.

      – where was Gene?
      Is Gene Jesse’s brother?

      – did I miss the part where Jesse and Mo became really really good friends and their families too?
      I thought that, but Mo and Jesse were very friendly before he got together with Adele, and I suppose their families got close while all the wedding planning was happening.

      – where were Adele and the other Effanga sister?’
      Possibly with Gene!

  3. HolbyNut

    What no mention of the carry-on style comment ‘Ding, Dong’ during surgery? Surely worthy of a snigger!

  4. Anne

    Mo and Ina’s bags were in Jesse’s boot so presumably they had been to London for the funeral and had all just got back? There seemed to be a plan to scatter Ina’s ashes at sea (Mo asked about a boat and Jesse’s dad was upset she was to end up in a “murky shipping canal” which I took to be a reference to the Bristol Channel) so maybe that’s why he’d come back with Jesse?

    As for why there were so many consultants, weren’t Ric and Bernie calling it a night when the willy man arrived? Bernie stayed to finish some “paperwork” and Ric stayed to deal with him. Jac was clearly in the middle of some sort of surgery (sometimes surgeries do run for several hours, it could easily have been an emergency that happened before her shift ended) and then stayed to deal with the Ina fallout. So the only consultant really there overnight was Dennis and he went to sleep in the on-call room – presumably he was the on-call consultant for that shift!

    • That’s cleared all that up, Anne – it’s good that you have your eye on the details while I’m busy pondering side issues like why do lentils have a bad reputation, and is degloving really as bad as it sounds!

  5. spuddy1972

    Why no casualty reviews of late?

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