Holby City: The one with the Norse gods

hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 26) If you see the phrase “Norse God” and immediately think “Henrik Hanssen,” you’d have agreed with whoever voted for him to win the Sexiest Doctor prize in the annual Holby Awards. He beat stiff competition from Oliver Valentine and Dr Raf Not-Smug for the accolade, and accepted it with the slightly ironic grace the situation demanded.

digby dominic holbyFor other Norse gods we must turn to Digby, and his new hobby of making copper medallions of all our favourites from the Thor movies and giving them to his friends and colleagues to wear (I was quite pleased that Loki was meant for Dominic). Never mind that it turned their skin green, it kept him occupied and that’s what he needs at the moment.

What he doesn’t really need is people pussy-footing around him, but that’s what darling Dominic spent most of the day doing, because he wants to help. Sadly with the best will in the world you’re not going to be able to stop a doctor with cancer coming across patients with cancer, and Dominic realised (with Sacha’s help) that the best way to help Digby was to be normal around him. Which meant the skin-discolouring Norse god (the medal, not Hanssen) had to go for a start. 

serena holbyAAU won the best ward award and Serena made an excellent speech which managed to insert a supportive word for the junior doctors (striking again today) into the script. Hurrah! But elsewhere Serena was having a very difficult day as her nephew’s carer was taken ill suddenly and it became clear that Serena was in no position to give Jason the support he needs full time. It’s particularly painful for Serena because this is the position she found herself in with her mother, and she’s grown very fond of Jason. It was a lovely touch when Jason became distressed that the person who was able to relate to him and calm him down best was Henrik Hanssen, who took him for a quiet sit on the roof. Jason said he felt he could trust Hanssen. “You don’t lie,” he told him.

cara mo holbySomeone who does lie is Sir Dennis Bigoted-Dinosaur, who was once again doing his best to sideline Mo. Luckily Cara is a very astute person (apart from where Jed ‘Alias’ Martinez is concerned) and on her first shift on Darwin she soon had him sussed. I wonder what’s going to happen with him, plot-wise? He seems an entirely superfluous character at the moment, but maybe his presence is going to spur Mo to a new phase of her career and her development as a character. Meanwhile she was last seen driving off with Jesse in her little pink car. His mother has just died, bless him, and Mo offered to take him to London (a shortish drive if Holby is in Borehamwood but quite the undertaking without sandwiches and a Thermos of coffee if we’re still pretending it’s Bristol).


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3 responses to “Holby City: The one with the Norse gods

  1. thunderchild

    Taken out of context the picture of Serena in your review is very funny indeed!

  2. Sirena

    This was a fantastic episode. I really felt for Serena it must be hard to realise that she was unable to look after Jason and the first thing I thought about was how she felt helpless when her mother was ill. Serena looked so forlorn when Hanssen stepped in and told her to go back to work. Jules was brilliant in this episode and it really does make you think about how he views the world and how confusing and chaotic it can be, I also have a nephew with Asperger’s and it makes me think about how he sees the world around him. I loved the scene with Hanssen he is such a calming presence to those who really need it (I also agree he is the sexist doctor but I also laughed so loud when he announced it). All in all a great episode oh and lets hope Diggers pulls through this massive ordeal and they get rid of the bigoted sir Dennis. Thank you for the fantastic reviews.

  3. thebigmart

    I am always amazed how two doctors can suddenly go off, without explanation to anyone else.

    A similar event happened recently in Casualty with two ambulancemen.

    BTW I wouldn’t have thought whoever organised the Awards Ceremony would let the MC read out his own nomination.

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