Holby City: Please not Digby!

digby holby(Series 18, ep. 25) This was the most beautifully written and acted episode. The scenes between Dominic and Digby were heartbreakingly perfect as Dominic was the one to discover that his friend’s cancer had spread. The moment when he put Digby’s glasses on for him was such a tender expression of his care and Digby’s vulnerability – I had to make a very big effort not to cry loud snotty tears, particularly as I was watching it on a train. Beautiful, Hanssen-level acting from David Ames and Rob Ostlere.

adele holbyElsewhere, Adele was very committed to neurosurgery. We knew this because she said so every five minutes. It took the death of her old holiday rep friend, Denise Welch, to make her realise that she wasn’t that committed to neurosurgery after all. After a glittering career progression in which she’s been expert in everything from hearts to brains to radio presenting, she’s finally found her true calling in the world of palliative care. Unbelievably, Holby is not the centre of palliative care excellence (well, they can’t be brilliant at every specialism), so she’s off to The Mythical King/St/Whatever John’s to be trained. Or to train them, because she’s bound to know better.

cara raf holbyAnd lovely Nurse Cara Martinez finally plucked up the courage to ask Dr Raf Not Smug on a date (a proper date, not involving Fletch and the Fletchlings) – but then realised that she wasn’t over her miserable husband, Jed ‘Alias’ Martinez, who has been banged up for five years. This has prompted Cara to seek a new post on Darwin. 


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7 responses to “Holby City: Please not Digby!

  1. Sirena

    Poor Diggers he has to get better. I loved this episode it was so sad especially when Dom was doing the scan and trying to hold it together. Even I was tearing up and I’m not usually a crier, I love how Dom has developed from a bitchy manipulative quite nasty character who nearly destroyed Malik’s career into a decent man and good friend. Not sad to see the back of Adele I never really took to the character she just got on my nerves. On a final note how great was it to Hanssen in a social setting I think the character might be just thawing a little I would like to see more of Hanssen and his softer side and more screen time for Hanssen please.

  2. I was a sobbing mess watching the scan scene.

    Arthur Digby, you HAVE to get better. That’s an order!

    • holbybunners

      So was I .. sniffle .

      But on the good side – Adele has left .. for she was seriously getting on my nerves .

      And the Not Smug One has moved a bit closer to getting together with Lovely Nurse M .. hurrah!

      Now we just need Mo and Mr T (Mr T!!) to realise they are soul mates ..

    • The scan scene was brilliant – but so sad.

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