Holby City: The sweetest thing

imageMorven and Digby are such a sweet couple. They’re so adorable they knock Ollie and Zosia into second place and could only possibly be beaten if Mo and Mr T got together. Morven’s proposal to Digby in that most romantic of settings, the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, was so touching – and provoked one of Digby’s best “nicest smile in the NHS” smiles.

I found myself wishing, as usual, that the writers would give them a few months of happiness at least (not forgetting that they already have her father’s illness to cope with). I should really stay away from spoilers.

It was a busy day for the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. I’m far too innocent to speculate what Sacha and Essie might have been up to in its leafy depths, but I don’t think it was anything you’d see on Gardeners’ World.

Meanwhile, what is going on with Ric Griffin? It seems that he and Jess didn’t part on good terms and after missing several calls from her he’s now unable to reach her because her phone number is dead. He’s all angry about something and he’s had Jesse transferred to AAU for no good reason apart from possibly because he has “Jess” in his name.

And poor Mo had her hands full with the new consultant, Sir Dennis Bigoted-Dinosaur, who is not only the holder of some extremely offensive views, but he’s also fairly rubbish at surgery and hasn’t done any for a long time. Jac seems to be blissfully unconcerned about all this, and Ollie and Zosia turned against Mo because Sir Dennis had been giving them tricky procedures to do on their own (so he wouldn’t have to) and now he isn’t anymore. Mo is made of feisty stuff though, and she’s not going to let a temporary twonk get the better of her.


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4 responses to “Holby City: The sweetest thing

  1. PS – Thank you to everybody for the kind comments and messages about my dad. I really appreciate it xx

  2. So I’m not the only one that thought that was the only reason he wanted to get him transferred… Or that makes a bad habit of accidently seeing spoilers regarding certain characters… Or who thinks that Sir Dennis is a total prick…

    Hope you’re OK after everything that has happened Sue…

  3. SO funny.
    I didn’t like Morven but now she is making Diggers happy I do. Yes, agree it won’t last unless she has a baby & then she can discuss nurseries with Mrs TOP Surgeon. But SHE doesn’t do much surgery these days. Sigh. All that paper shuffling. Wonder if the father of her child might reappear to knock that superior smile off her face?

  4. Sirena

    I’m glad Diggers is okay and he looks happy but this is Holby it never lasts. I hate Sir Dennis I can’t wait to see him get his comeuppance. I hate how quick Mo’s long time colleges and friends turn on her I hope they see that bigoted ass for what he is and rally round her.

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