Casualty:Lofty under pressure

imageAfter last week’s shocking accident (see what I did there?), everyone was at pains to prove that Lofty hadn’t been responsible. Everyone except Lofty, who seems determined to fall on his own sword. He was wandering around the department (surely he should have been sent home?) with the sorrowful look of a man who was destined to be an adorable and classic Casualty character but who was given little else to do but wander around looking sorrowful, not have a romance with Robyn, and be cured of a clown phobia.

imageElsewhere, it seems that Cal has been trying to look after his mother Emilie on his own, but that kind of thing never lasts long on Casualty and they ended up in A&E, Emilie with pneumonia and Cal with a dislocated shoulder. This gave Ethan the chance to get involved. Cal has received a letter with the test results about whether he’s inherited Emilie’s condition, but as I was watching the episode on an iPad I couldn’t quite see if we were meant to have seen the results or not. Please enlighten me if you know any more.




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4 responses to “Casualty:Lofty under pressure

  1. No we didn’t see any results. Presumably there’s a letter for Ethan too as didn’t Cal con him into giving blood for a needle phobic patient a while back?? All will be revealed on Saturday I’m sure…

  2. Neil

    I don’t think cal even opened the letter, in fact at one point i thought he was about to throw it away.

  3. UlrikeH

    I think Cal put the letter in his pocket when Ethan appeared. I was watching without my contact lenses so am not quite sure either 😉

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