Holby City: We’ve all been to Normandy with Digby

digby holby“Normandy” was Digby’s code word for when he was due to find out if he had cancer. He needed a code word because he was hiding it from Morven, and trying his best to hide it from himself. When Holby doctors are worried about their own health, they tend to fill the time by getting heavily involved with a patient (in the medical sense rather than the romantic, because that would be unethical).

Digby’s patient was a teenage boy who’d been hit by a train, and frankly his chances weren’t good. Despite being in the world’s number one medical facility, he still died. Digby was the last one to give up, even when Bernie, Sacha and everybody else was saying it was time to stop.

The good news for Digby is that his mole has been successfully removed and the cancer hasn’t spread, so he’s fine. Despite a tedious hiccup, in which Morven got the idea that he was going on holiday with Zosia to Normandy, all ended well and Morven gave him a well-deserved hug.

morven holbyI’m very happy that this was only a blip, because I love Morven and Digby as a couple. He said in this episode that she makes him feel normal, which wouldn’t be a huge endorsement coming from anyone else, but from Digby it is.

Some people find Morven irritating, and I can’t really see why (I’m sure someone will tell me in the comments below). I can, however, see exactly why you would find Adele irritating. I don’t know where the writers are going with this character – surely they’ve had time by now to realise that telling us every week how wonderful and special she is just isn’t working because we’re not believing it? In the days before she was Saint Adele of the Trillion Skills and she was just Mo’s little sister, I rather liked her. Now almost every week we have to endure her being Wise and Right and adding yet more skills to her terrifying CV. Having effortlessly made the transition from being a key player in Elliot Hope’a groundbreaking Kibo project, to being a top quality nurse on Keller, via her part time job for NASA and her consultative role at the UN, this week she made the transition to neurosurgery.

holby adeleSelfie has very high standards for nurses, because one little slip can make the difference between a happy outcome and not being able to breathe unaided. So when Adele dropped a suction tube in theatre and left him up to his knuckles in a bloody brain, that should have been Adele’s short-lived neuro career over, surely? But no – he only went and offered her a full time job, because he recognises sheer brilliance when he sees it. Did she accept this with suitable humility and a vow to keep improving and do better? She did not. She decided to give the esteemed and experienced neurological consultant and former CEO some ground rules. “It has to be a partnership of equals,” she told him, and he meekly agreed. This was about as plausible as Jac Naylor running a Zumba class in Pulses.

Meanwhile on AAU Raf and Cara were doing that tedious thing of both liking each other but pretending not to, saving their hankering looks for when nobody but the camera was looking at them. Presumably it’s going to take one or both of them to be in jeopardy before they admit what they really feel.


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18 responses to “Holby City: We’ve all been to Normandy with Digby

  1. holbybunners

    I dont mind Adele being the best nurse since Florence N – but what does irritate me is when she interferes with other peoples lives – such as when she got in touch with Mo’s father.

    Well we know where THAT went .. among other things the beating up of herself .. But did she learn” No way – and before long she was opening that gob of hers.

    And talking of Mo and Mr T (Mr T!!!). Now there is another couple who should be together ..

  2. Catherine

    The problem I have with The Great Adele is that she seems to have gone from HCA to qualified nurse in next to no time, with no clinical supervision from the few Holby nurses and no mentor. I’m a student nurse. It wouldn’t happen. It’s like they’ve done no research at all.

  3. thebigmart

    I really thought your heading for this episode would be YOLO !

  4. I love Diggers but am bemused by this storyline: from spotting problem to cure in, what, two episodes? I do hope there isn’t a sting in the tale when the follow-up scans take place… And that bear hug from the dead boy’s dad would have hurt if he’d just had a lump of flesh removed from his back and sewn up! Adele is clearly number one annoying person, but Morven is a runner up… she is so self obsessed she didn’t even notice Digger’s mole!

  5. thunderchild

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen Adele in the running for the US election!

  6. Sarah

    I liked Morven up until “Migby” happened. She has become increasingly irritating since, I’ve always preferred her in scenes with characters other than Arthur.

    Unless Adele is being lined up to be tragically killed then I don’t understand the effort to make her a saint. I used to like her in the beginning too but they’ve have steadily ruined her.

    Hanssen and his pencils! There’s five now, is that the most number of pencils we’ve seen?

  7. ejectionfraction

    I think Adele and Guy Self could be good for each other, in a cancelling out worst character traits sort of way. I’m worried about Arthur and fear that Hanssen’s perfectly arranged pencils may in fact be an omen of the disorder to come.

  8. Thunderchild

    The new cast photo is interesting….two people missing, the one doesn’t surprise me (nor EastEnders viewers no doubt) but what about the second person not there???? A sign of things to come.

  9. Carole

    No Mr T. 😥

  10. Oh NO! but time he had a nice sabbatical in New Zealand & he can find true love. And bring her back. And then Mo WILL get jealous….

  11. Who is the other missing character, please?

  12. Carole

    Just noticed Adele isn’t there either! Hope she doesn’t go off with Mr T😳

  13. Yes, Adele is really irritating. I can’t forgive the fact that she was a Healthcare Assistant with 3 weeks training & now she’s Guy’s right hand woman. NHS staff must be furious for her to streak up the career ladder like this. Of course she might know where all the bodies are buried. Noooooo, she can’t go off with Mr T. He’s going off to New Zealand for a year on a sabbatical. He’ll fall in love with a NZ girl & she won’t stand any nonsense from Mo when they return as a married couple. And Mo will be all bitter & twisted and she’ll go off on a sabbatical to NZ for a year and come back married to a GOD….

  14. So relieved to know that the 2 missing characters are Mr T and Adele. Will miss him but not her & they couldn’t possibly go off into the sunset together! I really don’t want to have to get my worry bead dolls out about this.