Casualty: The agency nurse gets a shock

lofty casualty(Series 30, ep. 25) When a new agency nurse is featured at all on Casualty or Holby, they generally have “expendable” written across their forehead in invisible ink. The programme blurb for this episode promised a “fatal error,” so I was expecting a death. I was sort of hoping it would be Big Mac, because he’s not done anything but wander around being a misery drain for the last few episodes and this was no exception. “I gave up Batman for you,” Noel told him sorrowfully. Actually, I’d have been fairly happy with seeing Noel as the subject of the fatal error too. 

diane lofty casualtyBut the arrival of agency nurse Diane Stuart (Catherine Skinner) made all that irrelevant. Here was a tired, inexperienced, slightly clumsy woman who was destined to either carelessly kill or carelessly be killed. “If this is the cavalry, we’ve already lost the battle,” said Dr Lily Chao.

The finger of blame (which is attached to the hand of Rita, on her way to the hospital to investigate as we speak) will be pointing at Lofty, because he was in charge of everything for the shift. Dylan had thrust him forward into the spotlight because Dylan is quite a fan of Lofty, and he’s doubtless wondering, as am I, why Jacob gets to wear a Special Uniform that nobody else has, even though he’s on the same grade as Lofty.

Lofty was a bit at fault for letting patient Kylie (Nicole Abraham) leave the hospital when she was in fact rather poorly, but if I was Rita I’d also be pointing some blame at Dylan who didn’t follow up when Kylie first mentioned she had a bad tooth.

The fatal error occurred when they were transferring Kylie to CCU (where is that? Darwin?) and she crashed in the lift. Instead of zipping straight back to resus they tried to do the resus right there, and that’s when a sleepy Diane failed to heed the command to “Clear!” and left her hand on the patient while she was being shocked.

So Diane is dead, and Lofty is looking all sorrowful and wishing he’d stuck to what he’s good at – being all cuddly and lovely with the patients – and left all the shouty organisational stuff to Jacob and his Special Uniform.


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3 responses to “Casualty: The agency nurse gets a shock

  1. Yes, why *does* Jacob dress like a chef?

  2. jeremy c

    To be fair to the lovely Dylan, he did attempt to keep Kylie in resus, rather than chuck her in the lift of impeding death, but decided not to overrule Lofty. ‘Cause bromance.

  3. Safetylady

    This episode was really flawed. Kill a worker (nurse) at work, and the first thing is police attend, nobody involved would be allowed to just go ‘back to work’, and ‘cost to the trust’ would be least concern, probably be at police station, under caution. Not a ‘clinical incident’ but fatal accident at work. Tch