Holby City: Hero syndrome

digby holby(Series 18, ep. 20) No news about Ric and the pain in his side this week. He was briefly glimpsed and he seemed healthy enough – no sign of a “Nnngh!” So maybe he’s fine after all.

Or maybe, if his cancer has come back, it’s just been parked for a while as the ever-circling poo bird of fate prepares to drop its load on poor Digby.

While having a blood test to see if he could donate a bit of his liver to Morven’s dad, Digby took his top off in case he barfed down it. Essie didn’t think to hand him a cardboard sick bowl, because she was too busy staring at his manly physique a mole on his back. 

essie hanssen digby holbyEssie was worried that Digby might have skin cancer, and there was a very odd scene where he was summoned to Hanssen’s office and commanded to take his top off, and Hanssen ordered Essie to organise an immediate mole removal – without addressing Digby and asking his opinion about it first. This may have been clinically sensible, but it was a totally bizarre way to deal with a colleague and patient.

bernie holbyMajor Bernie Wolfe had her first day as a locum consultant on Keller, but as they already had Sacha and Ric available they were a bit over-resourced. Instead she spent the shift putting her trauma experience to good use on Darwin, where she performed the traditional debut ninja level surgery. For the rest of the time she dealt with the physical and emotional wellbeing of a patient who was ex-army. I wonder how many more ex-army people will turn up at Holby now, or whether Bernie has now had enough post-military brains-speak to enable her to get on with civilian life.

The main thing was how would she get on working with Jac Naylor? I know it’s early days, but after a bit of a territorial scuffle they got on very well. Jac likes a plain speaking, no bullshit colleague, and that’s certainly what you get with Ms Wolfe.

jason serena holbyIt’s also what you get with Serena’s nephew Jason, who is very literal and needed Hanssen’s help to discover that “break a leg” can also be a nice thing to say to someone, as long as that person is in showbiz. Apart from this, and his carer telling everyone he’s vulnerable, Jason doesn’t seem that vulnerable at all – he quite happily wanders round the hospital making friends and charming everyone. All the same, whenever he goes missing, Serena rushes tearfully around the hospital feeling guilty and frantic with worry. Expect more of this, as she’s decided to fully integrate him into her family and is introducing him to her daughter.

hanssen bernie holbyAnd finally – am I alone in thinking the ground is being laid for a Hanssen/Bernie Wolfe romance? Jason noticed that Hanssen is rather impressed by his newest staff member, but is it purely admiration for her clinical skills?


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11 responses to “Holby City: Hero syndrome

  1. HolbyNut

    Loved his episode, though it could have been called ‘Course you did’ which made me smile every time Arthur said it to Ulysees (…Ulysees???) Thought that very amusing as was Serena in her treatment of said hunk’s …em…leg (while drooling over his torso). In contrast, terrified for Diggers who is just such a pet. Please don’t let him die HC writers….

  2. UlrikeH

    Oooh, I knew the Hanssen/Wolfe romance was coming, there was some indication in a preview of Bernie’s arrival some time ago. And I think they would look quite good together.
    What always amazes me about Jemma Redgrave is how much she resembles Vanessa, more than her own daughters.

  3. fredpipes

    No mention of Morven’s polysexual cub ex and his elaborate lies designed to upstage Diggers? And how is it Morven hasn’t spotted the malignant mole?

  4. I’ve heard of bi-sexual, but ‘poly’ sexual I find worrying – how many sexes are there?

  5. Nicole

    You are not alone. I read that Bernie has a romance with someone at Holby and I immediately guessed who it would be with. I think they look like a very handsome couple and I hope the storyline gives Hanssen the chance to show more aspects of his character. I’d love to see more of that side of him and how that progresses!

  6. holbybunners

    OOh I could have slapped you Diggers! .. Jealousy does not sit well with you young man and is likely to lose you the lovely Morven.

    Still I hope you get a good diagnosis after the removal of the mole
    PS Diggers really is a ditherer isnt he? I hope I never meet him in a medical situation. He is OK so long as his love life is going well .. otherwise he is hopeless.

  7. Sirena

    I noticed there was a definite hint at romance between Hanssen/Wolfe. She’s the only one that seems to know when he is looming, and she has a passing resemblance to Maja, Hanssen’s ex so he seems to have a things for blondes (I’m ignoring Sariah Shar). Things are definitely looking interesting. Poor Diggers by the way lets hope he’s going to be okay.

  8. Eilis

    Oh dear! As usual joining Holby is the kiss of death for any relationship. Much and all as I would love Hanssen to have a relationship I don’t want it to be with her. Ah well.

    Now Zosia has two women to hero-worship: Jac and Bernie. I

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