Casualty: Stop the plane, I want to get off

sam strachan casualty(Series 30, ep. 24) My opinion about Sam Strachan has completely changed from last week, when I described him as an “arrogant twonk.” The phrase I would use now is “complete tit.” Whereas Jacob Masters has now achieved the status of The World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, if you ignore the fact that he calls Connie “sweet cheeks.” 

After Grace overheard Connie telling Jacob that she wasn’t cut out for motherhood, Grace had a meltdown and a panic attack in Connie’s office. When not worrying about all this, Connie was worrying about Ramon Tikaram (now there’s a man who improves with age), grace jacob casualtywho was playing Sean, the schizophrenic father of her patient. Seeing how desperately Sean fought to be with his daughter gave Connie major thinking time, and she dashed off to some minor Holby airfield (not the thinly disguised Stansted used by the rest of the hospital) to stop Grace being removed back to the US of A with the A Hole also known as her father. Luckily this airport had such shockingly lax security that Connie was able to drive right up to the plane, and the staff didn’t hesitate when their young passenger decided she wanted to get off. “You want the aircraft door opening, little girl? You’re a Beauchamp, you say? But of course.”

Hannah Spearitt was back, as a patient after getting involved in an altercation with the police at Holby bus station. Big Mac was eventually exposed as being not quite as heroic as everyone had thought, and now most people aren’t speaking to him.

And it looks like #Zax is off again, based on little more than Max seeing Zoe talking to someone with a man bun. Zoe didn’t look exactly devastated at the news – her look was more one of “can he please make his mind up” irritation.


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2 responses to “Casualty: Stop the plane, I want to get off

  1. fredpipes

    Connie’s child is such a brat… will she ever change?

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