Holby City: I’m worried about Ric

ric holby(Series 18, ep. 19) I’m worried that soon there won’t be enough livers to go round on Holby. Morven’s dad needs one, and Morven wanted to give him a piece of hers but she isn’t a match, so now Digby is stepping forward (bless! He really does love Morven doesn’t he?). But at the same time we’ve seen Ric clutching his side rather like the bad old days when he used to go “Nnngh!” when he had cancer which spread to his liver. Hashtag PrayForRic, because we’ve only just got him back on a fairly regular basis and I don’t want to lose him again. I think we need his brand of grizzled gravitas as a contrast to some of the other more excitable elements of the staff team.

mo holbyI don’t know what’s going on with Mo and Mr T. She’s currently pretending she doesn’t care about him at all and is looking elsewhere for sperm. I can’t help thinking this is a terrible mistake because he is perfect. Mo busied herself with looking after a patient’s son’s school project hamster (“Alert and responsive”), which created an implausible yet lovely scene where the hamster wheeled past Hanssen in his little exercise ball (the hamster’s, not Hanssen’s – that would have to be a vast exercise ball). The scene would have been even lovelier if Hanssen had spotted the hamster, but I suppose he’s too far up to be noticing things at ground level.

He also had on his mind the ongoing complaint that Lee had made against Dominic for stabbing him. That Lee, he really is the gift that keeps on giving, stress-wise.


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3 responses to “Holby City: I’m worried about Ric

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the Ric thing – reoccurrence of his cancer perhaps???? I know it was a while ago since he was cleared, but still, it could happen…

    • Andrew Porter

      Well he did take a rather nasty blow to the ribs from the edge of a chair/table during the kerfuffle with Lee – I suspect it’s that which triggered the symptoms…

  2. Sharon

    Hanssen in a exercise ball! Made me laugh! Great review as always!

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