Casualty: Good genes?

connie jac casualty(Series 30, ep. 23) I was never really a fan of Sam Strachan when he was on Holby. To me he was just the junior heart surgeon who wasn’t Joseph Byrne, and very much a character I could take or leave.

Connie Beauchamp was quite fond of him at one stage, though, enough for him to be the father of her daughter Grace. This episode saw Sam’s girlfriend being rushed to Holby A&E in need of emergency life-saving surgery. Grace was with her, and Sam wasn’t far behind. Time hasn’t improved him – in fact, quite the reverse. He’s now an arrogant twonk, even allowing for the fact that he was worried about his girlfriend. In fact he was so horrible that Jacob Masters began to look so much more appealing in comparison. Connie told Jacob that Sam had excellent genes, which only goes to show that Connie has very poor taste. 

A lack of suitable surgeons Upstairs made it necessary for Connie, Sam and Jac Naylor (imported from Holby more or less to have a couple of digs at Connie about Sam having a girlfriend, and then to tell Grace how proud she should be of Connie’s marvellousness) to do the surgery right there in the ED, as so often happens.

While all this was going on, Ethan and Cal were still at loggerheads about the mother-they-never-knew-was-theirs. They had to work together when Cal’s patient turned out to be the abusive ex husband of Ethan’s patient, but it didn’t really help the situation – Ethan has now informed Cal that he no longer considers him a brother.

At least someone had a happy Valentines Day, as Max realised his new girlfriend was just a clone of The Glorious Zoe Hanna. There is no substitute for the real thing, and luckily Zoe agreed and they ended up kissing. Blessikins.


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5 responses to “Casualty: Good genes?

  1. Mr Donnelly

    Sam resembled the horrible headmaster character he played in Waterloo Road more so than his old Holby City self.

  2. Thunderchild

    Yes that certainly wasn’t the Sam Strachan I remember either – he takes himself way too seriously these days. Thank heavens Jac was on hand to lighten the mood – I do believe she’s stolen Connie’s ‘Queen of Holby’ crown.

  3. holbybunners

    Wasn”t Sam involved with Chrissie at one time?

    Connie really only wanted him as a baby father – and once she’d succeeded – she dropped him. Chrissie was fairly horrid to him too from what I can remember.

    Chrissie AND Connie! No wonder he pushed off to the US poor guy

  4. Mr Donnelly

    Sam was involved with virtually every female character in Holby City, most recently red haired Maria if I remember correctly.