Holby City: Nothing to lose

lee dominic holby(Series 18, ep. 18) We all thought we’d seen the last of That Lee, the dastardly villain who broke Dominic’s heart, and stole his mother’s running away money and Digby’s granddad’s medals. But no – there was another nasty twist to the tale.

When Dominic’s patient Alison told Dominic he reminded her of her husband, she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. Everybody else could, as soon as her husband was revealed to be none other than Lee. He insisted that he really loved Dominic, but Alison was pregnant and soon Lee and Dominic were fighting in the staff room, where someone had left a handy cake knife. Ric Griffin waded into the fray, and the ensuing fight scene was rather gripping and well done. Someone got stabbed – but who was the stabber and who was the stabbee? 

dominic lee holby cityAt the end of the episode, Dominic was being taken away by the police. Lee had been stabbed in the fight (he didn’t die, though, because he was lucky enough to be stabbed in probably the best hospital in the whole of Wyvernshire), and it had been Dominic holding the knife. Surely all it’ll take will be a witness statement from Ric and a character reference from Digby, and Dom will be recognised as a lover and not a fighter?

On AAU, Serena popped an email off to the nephew-she-never-knew-she-had, Jason. And within five minutes Jason himself was popping into AAU in person, initially being mistaken for a member of a visiting inspection team. Oh how we laughed.

serena jason holbyJason has Aspergers, and well done to Holby for casting Jules Robertson, who has autism himself, in the role. Jason takes life super-literally (when Cara told him Serena only really had time for patients I was glad he drew the line at just getting in a hospital bed, rather than making himself an actual patient by some hideous means) apart from when he’s likening people to birds. He wanted to know why there was a bald eagle in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery – correctly identifying Jac as the top of the food-chain, bird-wise.

Every single person thought he was adorable – even Jac, who would normally have taken someone’s head off for calling her a bald eagle, treated him to her nicest dimply smile and seemed to get where he was coming from immediately. Cara trotted around wishing he would compare her to a bird and he even had Hanssen acting out his favourite TV show The World’s Strongest Man. Serena liked the idea of being “Auntie Campbell,” though Fletch did advise her that “it’s more usual to use your first name.”

Jason’s presence was the basis of a lot of fun and comedy, but I hope that’s not all there is to him, especially as he’s apparently going to be a semi-regular in the cast. His carer, Allan, turned up right at the end to sound a note of caution to Serena about how vulnerable Jason is, so maybe some different aspects of his life will come more into play.

zosia bernie holbyOn Darwin Major Bernie Wolfe has made a brilliant recovery from her surgery and was already walking, with help. She’d have walked right out of the hospital if there hadn’t been a chance that she might have had TB. This required her to go into quarantine for a while, giving her time to decide not to go to Kabul and to possibly apply for a job on Keller instead. I’m not sure why there’s a vacancy on Keller as they already have Sacha and Ric, but there you go – fluid staffing configurations etc.

And in other news, Zosia is already tiring of Ollie’s pasta-making efforts. She should get him a bread machine for Valentine’s – that’ll keep him busy for a while.


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8 responses to “Holby City: Nothing to lose

  1. Sarah

    I enjoyed this episode, but I agree, I hope Jason isn’t just going to be there for laughs. Catherine Russell is the perfect choice for storyline like this, she handled the dementia story with Adrienne so wonderfully. I do wish Serena and Hanssen had more scenes together, they are both such wonderfully subtle actors.

    Zosia needs a storyline other than being Ollie’s girlfriend and becoming obsessed with every guest female consultant and their personal circumstances. So Bernie ends up on Keller, that ward will have the highest consultant to patient ratio in the country!

    Is Ric going to take ANOTHER break? Post-traumatic stress? It’s mean but I laughed when he was knocked over, its the most he’s done since his return other than lecturing his colleagues.

    • You have a point about Zosia obsessing about female consultants – she does! I suppose it makes sense with her character – she’s looking for role models for her career, but also maybe seeing something of her lost mother in them. And I completely agree about Ric and Serena. And Hanssen. What a team.

  2. Nikki

    Agreed, Zosia needs more todo. I was really hoping a few weeks ago that the mentoring from Jac would take off (when Jac said she sees a lot of herself in Zosy and that she has the makings of a great doctor) and that they would become a formidable super brainy super sexy cardiac dream team.
    On a side note, does Zosia know yet about Jac and Ollis history?

  3. Andrew Porter

    “Surely all it’ll take will be a witness statement from Ric and a character reference from Digby, and Dom will be recognised as a lover and not a fighter?”

    Hmm…unless anyone starts digging and brings up any of the large number of incidents which have involved Dom through the years – including the stuff with Malik, lying about his name, his identity – and that thing that the writers seem like they’d rather forget, when he threatened Digby with a scapel/other sharp thing, and then threatened to cut his own wrists. His character has certainly changed since then, but it could still be rather awkward.

    Plus, there seemed to be quite a deliberate camera shot of Ric getting slammed against a chair – internal injuries anyone?

    I did like Jason, and its an interesting extra that the actor has autism; I thought it was a very sweet portrayal, and with more depth than we often see in such characters. I think the reason Jac took to him so quickly is because she is clearly on the spectrum herself!

    • Well, if you will insist on bringing up these inconvenient truths about him 😀 What we do know is he’s not a knife-wielding maniac. Hypodermic-wielding… perhaps.

      And re Jac and Jason – I was thinking the same thing! She just “got” him immediately without any need of an explanation.

      • Andrew Porter

        Ah, that’s right – it was a hypodermic…I’d forgotten that. It was such a weird moment – they were clearly going down the ‘Dom is a complete psycho’ route, and then changed their minds. But if I were Digby I don’t think I’d have forgotten that moment…or been able to sleep soundly all these years with Dom as my flatmate!

  4. Thunderchild

    I think we need scenes between Jac and Serena – IIRC that was the first time they’ve been on screen since Serena sent her to track down Hanssen in Sweden.

    Consultants appear to be like buses on Keller – you wait years for one and three come along in a matter of weeks!

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