Casualty: Not just a patient

ethan casualty(Series 30, ep. 22) After the shift he just had, Ethan is possibly wishing he’d gone through with his resignation. He could have been sunning himself on a beach in Australia – though I expect “sunning himself,” for Ethan, would mean crouching under a beach blanket trying to keep a grip on some learned volume of medical lore with hands slippery with Factor 50.

Instead, he spent most of the day doing standard doctoring – which means being extremely good at his job while at the same time being very lovely with patients. The rest of the time was spent shinning up the side of very high fairground rides without even a safety harness, and discovering that one of the patients is actually his biological mother. 

Frankly I could have done without the fairground ride business, which was more than a tad ridiculous. It was a ferris wheel which was the favourite ride of an autistic girl who wasn’t going to let the fact that the ride was closed stop her from having a go. We didn’t see how she managed to get up to the top of it (or how she got back to the fairground in the first place), despite having only recently left hospital after a blunt trauma to her abdomen from a previous fairground mishap.

There didn’t seem to be any staff at this fairground, and nobody had thought of calling the emergency services (police, fire brigade, Sky News). It was only lucky that Ethan happened to have worked out where the girl would have gone, otherwise there wouldn’t have been an ambulance there either. Because the girl was frightened of unfamiliar people etc and Ethan had bonded with her a bit, he was the only choice to climb up the rickety structure and rescue her. It was all very silly.

lily ethanAfter an afternoon of heroics, the lad deserved a nice lie down and a cup of Earl Grey, but he had to just bob in and check on the nice patient called Emilie with Huntington’s. Yes, that Emilie. And why was Cal holding her hand? Well, mainly he was apologising because he’d been a total twonk to her up till that point. Ethan wondered what was going on. “Emilie’s not just a patient,” Cal said. “She’s our mum.” So finally he knows.

Elsewhere, Lofty was having to assert himself with Robyn, because he’s now a superior type of nurse and she had to show him respect. He should demand a nice white uniform thing like Jacob has.

Dixie’s replacement was this specimen called “Rocker.” He isn’t in the cast list for next week and I sincerely hope we won’t be seeing him again.

And everyone still thinks Big Mac is a hero. Only not quite as much of a hero as Ethan.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Not just a patient

  1. It’s the second time we’ve seen Rocker and the writers have made him into a bit of a joke character unfortunately especially as it appears to bring out an annoyingly brattish side to the otherwise very lovely and entertaining Mr Dean. Talking of which Iain and Rita again seem to be the only thing missing from this otherwise great read of a review. The only reason for Rocker’s appearance this week seeming to me to be that of playing Cupid to a pair who really should have defined their relationship by now (or at least been outed by one of the numerous colleagues who now know about them) a mere 4 months down the line. We’re led to believe this all resulted in a long overdue first date at which Rita would be wearing her (confirmed) lucky pants. A week early for Valentine’s Day but also looking ahead to the cast list they are having to make way for more popular pairings for that episode unfortunately…

    • I was going to mention Iain and Rita, but like you say they really should have defined their relationship by now and I don’t feel they have, so I can never really think of much to say about them. I think they’re going to have to send Rita out on the ambulance fairly soon, because otherwise all we see of them is fleeting moments as he’s dropping a patient off.

  2. What about the amazing green screen?!

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