Holby City: Do what makes you happy

bernie wolfe holby(Series 18, ep. 17) Major Bernie Wolfe is eventually going to be a new doctor on Keller, but this week she was a new patient on Darwin and, as such, spent the entire episode lying down. She still managed to make her mark, though, because she’s Jemma Redgrave and she radiates charisma even when horizontal. We’ve already learned that she has a husband called Marcus who works at The Mythical St James’s. He wants her to choose between her army career and a life in Holby with him. Despite having a close personal colleague in Afghanistan who sends her flowers, she’s going to have to plump for Holby eventually. Personality-wise she’s brave, tough and no nonsense in the manner of Fleur Fanshawe, but I think I need to see her upright before I get a proper idea of what she’s like. 

Her main function this week was to be a patient with complicated CT and neuro needs, which meant that Selfie and Dr Oliver Valentine had to work together to sort her out. I did wonder why, as the procedure was going to be so delicate and tricky, they didn’t get Mo to do it, as she was around (isn’t Mo senior to Ollie?), but obviously Mo isn’t going out with Selfie’s daughter so that scenario would have had far less dramatic potential.

oliver holbyAs it was, Ollie proved (yet again) that he’s an excellent surgeon, and that he wasn’t going to take any nonsense from the charm-free neurosurgeon. And, on Bernie’s advice, Zosia followed her heart and decided that her birthday would be better spent watching Ollie attempt to make fresh pasta, rather than going for her father’s rival bid of a table at a swanky restaurant. Ollie is “the real deal,” she told Selfie. Ollie proved this with his birthday gift of an extremely posh stethoscope engraved with “My heart is in your hands” – in Latin. I bet Digby’s jealous when he sees that, because it’s a top geek gift.

dominic holbyKeller was all about Dominic, who is a terrible driver. Why Digby let him drive his car to work I have no idea. It could have been so much worse – at any given time there’ll be at least five anguished patients and/or staff members roaming the car park just asking to get run over – but it was bad enough when he knocked the wing mirror off another car, because the car happened to belong to Ric Griffin. This put Ric in a bad mood, and he strongly suspected Dominic after he’d had a look at the CCTV footage. Dominic was typically economical with the truth and said, all wide-eyed innocence, that he didn’t even have a car.

Dominic’s patient was Ted, who’d swallowed a key. Dominic was so sweet with Ted, who was confused and forgetful and had a tendency to wander off. Unfortunately he wandered in the direction of Ric’s office and sat in his chair, where the key started to make its reappearance to the outside world while Ted informed Ric about Dominic breaking the wing mirror. You’d imagine Ric wouldn’t be very happy and he wasn’t, but he was impressed with the way Dominic had dealt with Ted. Hurrah! My favourite line was in Ric’s office. Ric asked Dominic to sit down and Dominic’s face was a picture when he said, “Is this the chair that..?”. I also loved Ric spraying air freshener around his room.

serena holbySerena’s boyfriend Robbie the Copper was lurking around AAU again. He wanted to use his police contacts and expertise to track down Serena’s sister-she-never-knew-she-had, but Serena said no. Her mind was changed by a patient who’d hidden in the landing gear of Major Bernie Wolfe’s army plane (shocking lack of security there). It got Serena thinking about relatives etc and she gave Robbie the go-ahead to find her sister. No sooner said than done. Her name is Marjorie. Or was Marjorie, because she died a couple of years ago. Well, there’s the chance to introduce a new character gone out of the window. But wait – Marjorie had a son, Jason, who is very much alive and will be visible to the naked eye as early as next week.

(Video: Jemma Redgrave, Oliver Kent and Simon Harper on introducing Holby City’s newest recruit)

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  1. Barbara

    Yes, Sue – the jury’s still out on Bernie… Even horizontal, though, she was not (quite) as bad as on that dreadful creepy trailer that’s been running for ages. It somehow reminded me of those long ago M&S Xmas food ads “this is not just a…”.

    The all-seeing aspect of her (ah – you’re Guy’s daughter, Ollie’s girlfriend…) could get a bit tedious too once she’s upright and has more scope to observe. What will she make of Mo and Mr T (Mr T…!)….?

    Not sure about Robbie the Copper either – could be the beard, could be his incipient stalker tendencies…

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