Holby City: A spark or an agreement

mo mr t holby(Series 18, ep. 16) Mr T has bought a babygro with Winnie the Pooh on it! Not for himself (though if anyone could pull that look off it’s Mr T) but for the baby that he and Mo plan to have. Not this month, though, because Mo did a test and it was negative.

This upset Mr T. Not so much that she’s not pregnant yet, because who knows better than him that it doesn’t always happen straight away. But because he wasn’t there when she did the test. He wants to be fully involved – he’s even thinking of baby names and school places. 

mo mr t holby cityMo and Mr T have been circling around each other for so long they even have their own hashtag, so Mr T decided it was time to test out whether they had a spark or just an agreement by kissing her. He said if they did that they’d know. So they did that, and claimed they knew that there was no spark. But we saw their faces – there so was a spark.

digby holbyDigby was back on Keller. “The little fella’s back on Keller,” quipped Dominic, and of course one of the lovely side effects of this is we get to see Dig and Dom back together again. There was also a pep talk from Hanssen: “Dr Digby! Walk with me.” “Walking,” said Digby, falling into step beside the world’s tallest CEO, who said what he needed to say and dismissed Diggers with “You can stop walking now.”

digby morven holbyPatient o’ the week was none other than Morven’s dad Austin (Clinton Blake), who’d succumbed early to the curse of being a Holby relative, and succumbed late to a nasty parasite he picked up in Panama. Austin had a medical theory that was more or less ignore it and it won’t happen. This was rather borne out by events, because he only came in for a hernia repair but as soon as they found out about this parasite he seemed to go downhill before our very eyes, and was at death’s door and on the transplant list within the hour.

It gave Digby the chance to be strong and magnificent though. When Austin barfed blood and told Digby he was scared, I think I fell in love with Digby a little bit more when he told him, “I’m here.”

serena holbyIn AAU, Serena was discovering, via a patient who was a friend of her late mother, that somewhere out there Adrienne had another daughter. Serena has a sister she never knew she had! There seems to be a lot of this sort of thing among the Holby staff. Just please don’t tell me Serena’s secret sister is Adele.

Next time: Jemma Redgrave joins Holby.


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3 responses to “Holby City: A spark or an agreement

  1. fredpipes

    So, there so was a spark!

    • holbybunners

      Oh I know I know ..
      Did you see Mr T’s little face light up afterwards ? Awww ..

      The way Adele has of blabbing out others private affairs is beyond anything … With all that medical expertise around isnt there a way that she could be made to shut up?

  2. ceramicqueen

    I so didn’t enjoy the kiss. We have waited years for it and ……there was no spark for me watching it. No chemistry. So the highlight for me of this episode was Dom and all his funny one-liners. He is my favourite character of the moment beating the looming one and even Jac.

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