Casualty: Big Mac chickens out

hannah spearitt casualty(Series 30, ep. 20) Did I hallucinate a time when Big Mac used to patrol the Farmead Estate in army gear waiting to beat up anybody who committed a crime? Was that real, or was it me or Big Mac having a breakdown? I haven’t always been a consistent Casualty viewer, so it’s possible that I missed something.

Anyhoo, this week Noel got beaten up by a girl with lovely blue hair (Hannah Spearitt from S Club 7). When he called to Big Mac for help, Big Mac hid until the danger was over. To be fair, he was in the middle of having a poo at the time so wasn’t exactly combat-ready. Then, rather than fessing up to being a cowardy custard, he bribed Hannah Spearitt to get rid of her and keep his reputation intact. It was an odd story that I just didn’t quite buy, though I did enjoy Ms Spearitt’s hair.

ethan casualtyNoel had a fairly bad day, what with being beaten up within an inch of his life by someone from S Club 7, but poor Ethan continued to be all stressed out about patients dying on his watch. He doesn’t even know yet that his mother wasn’t his mother and he may have an incurable illness, but he may get to find out about that soon because Cal managed to take some blood from him on the pretext of making a scared little boy more comfortable about needles.

The upshot is that Ethan has written a letter of resignation to Connie. This mustn’t be allowed to happen, unless he gets immediately transferred to the calmer waters of Holby City.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Big Mac chickens out

  1. Neil

    I wish he had just fessed up and told everyone he was beaten up by the little blond one from S Club 7, they would have soon caught her.

  2. Did Big Mac have a lobotomy when we weren’t looking? As Sue Haasler says, he used to be the good-guy toughie on his housing estate and elsewhere. Why this inexplacable and disappointing change of character? If there *is* a reason, it should have been included in the script via dialogue or a flash-back. The old Big Mac would have shot of the loo, and – like a burleigh superman, beated up and captured the mugger (who is disguised, but later turns out to be a girl). Superman Big Mac would have prevented his Pal being so badly hurt, and retrieved the stolen phone. It was obvious the mugger was a slight build. Big Mac is presented sympathetically – a kind and caring person. He would not have let down his friend and hid in the loo. Who on earth thought up this totally ridiculous storyline?

  3. Dreamer

    I thought the girl was Sky from Neighbours. Oops.

  4. holbybunners

    I think the main problem with Big Mac is that he was stuck on the bog when Noel first called out .. and thought he was just telling him to hurry up. After that things just snowballed and he was taken by surprise when he saw the young thug, When he attempted to tackle “him” he was pushed against the wall and did his back in… Of course he has had severe health problems since he was the Scourge of the Thugs on the Estate ..

    I think that the young “thug” succeeding in blackmailing him was the daftest part for he could have just said he was stuck on the loo and only saw “him” running away
    (Big Mac fan)

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