Holby City: See you back on the ice

hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 15) There was a moment in this episode when I thought things were turning against Henrik Hanssen in his battle with Selfie for control of the hospital. Selfie was trying his best to line up allies. He had Ric Griffin on Team Self for pragmatic rather than heartfelt reasons, but still, Ric is a very big deal. Selfie also offered Jac Naylor the post of Clinical Ambassador if she would support him and it briefly seemed like she might be swayed. She turned it down, which was obviously the right decision, but it cheated me out of the opportunity to use the phrase, “Ambassador, with these balloon stents you are really spoiling us.” 

Firmly on Team Hanssen were Serena, Digby, Oliver Valentine, and just about any sensible person in the whole wide world of Wyvernshire.

henrik hanssen holbyThe biggest asset to Team Hanssen is, of course, Henrik Hanssen himself, and he was absolutely magnificent in this episode. He has his eye on the big picture of the future of the hospital, and ensured some funding went in the direction of carrying on some old research that Jac and Elliot had been doing. At the same time he’s very aware of his staff and patients, remembering that it was a year since Fletch’s wife died and sending him home to be with the Fletchlings, offering Sacha some wise advice (and giving himself a bit of deep brains-speak in the process), and taking personal interest in the case of a homeless man he found outside the hospital.

We still don’t know what’s been going on in Sweden – why he came back to Holby, why he was thinking of returning to Sweden. This is a good thing, because an air of mystery only adds to his general marvellousness.

digby holbyElsewhere, Digby realised that he isn’t cut out for the hurly-burly of AAU and decided to move back to Keller. This is also wonderful news because he’ll get to work with Dominic again.

Essie was worrying about how well a woman with a Nazi grandfather was going to fit into a Jewish family, but eventually she received her answer – that at least she isn’t as awful as Chrissie. Faint praise, but she was happy to take it, and the lovely ring Sacha gave her.

jac holbyAnd we learned much about Jac’s attitude to balloons. She puts up with them for Emma’s sake, but hates them because they bring back memories of bleak parties in children’s homes, she told Oliver Valentine – who was a little deflated to hear this. And almost my favourite line of the night among many was Oliver Valentine referring to their balloon modeller of a patient: “I hope you let him down gently.” Ollie is cracking jokes again and Hanssen has seen off a coup by Selfie. All’s right with the world.


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9 responses to “Holby City: See you back on the ice

  1. I never did ‘get’ the attraction of Hannsen to some (most?) people, but now I think I do. A superb episode and a great review, as always!

  2. thunderchild

    A truly marvellous episode filled with many wonderful character moments – Henrik was superb and I loved the little scene with Oliver, Jac was as brilliant as ever and Serena’s showdown with Selfie at the end was absolutely priceless.

    A shame we never got to see Ric, Jac and Serena deliberating though – I think the writers miss a trick by never having Jac and Serena interact. Their mutual loathing of Selfie could have thrown up some good one-liners.

    Digby back off to Keller – that ward is becoming very crowded these days.

    The other thing I never understand is that when big decisions need to be made it’s always the clinical leads of Keller, Darwin and AAU that have the final say – do no other department heads count? I’d have been intrigued to know who Connie Beauchamp would have sided with.

    • wiggles

      I was going to comment on the lack of other consultant’s input too – I mean I know we never really see any of the other specialities represented (with the joyous exception of obs and gynae with the marvelous Mr T(Mr T!!!)) but you’d think they could at least make up some random names to support the idea that HC is actually a FULLY functioning hospital. And for those of us who’ve been watching for a wee while they might not even have had to be that random – I remember (and I have a rubbish memory!) a Dr Rose (who was the Head of Anaesthetics) from the episode where Jac and Joseph were locked in the operating theatre for example, and I’m sure there’d be others if they could be bothered to try to remember. And as for not even mentioning Miss (queen) B……

  3. Eilis

    I too was momentarily fearful that Selfie would prevail and was thinking what I’d do with my Tuesday evenings from now on! It was a wonderful episode with mentions of Elliot and Chrissie, Jac doing what Jac does best, Serena in her element. And Hanssen….perfection.

    I know we shouldn’t expect a realistic presentation of hospital life but Digby’s “I’m off to Keller” to Serena really is a bit of a stretch. As my husband said he imagined himself as a junior doctor saying “By the way, Mr P, I’ve decided Surgery isn’t for me, I’m off back to Medicine”. Yeah right.

  4. Andrew P

    Great episode; I too was worried that we were about to lose Hanssen. I imagine he won’t be around forever, but its nice to know he’s there for a bit longer at least. The way he was doing a tour of the hospital, sorting out problems and restoring his team in various ways – anyone else think of Dumbledore at those points? I was imagining that he would turn to Digby and say “Help will always be given at Holby to those who ask for it” just before being brain zapped by Selfie (who then turns out to have been a good guy all along in the next episode when its revealed that he’s always been in love with Serena.)

  5. MvOC

    Clearly the Board are a bunch of idiots. The performances in this episode (barring one usual wooden performance) were fabulous but the stories didn’t really make sense. Why would the board consider handing the reigns back to Selfie again after the mess he had created last time, and as far as we knew until this week there was no concern about Hanssen’s leadership? And then it turns out it’s not the Board’s decision it’s Serena, Jac and Ric who get to choose (Ric came across as a real twit once again). I’m dissapointed they couldn’t come up with something better and had it run over a few episodes rather than rushing it into one.

    Digby’s sudden and pretty rude so long to AAU and Serena was ridiculous too.

    As was the mountain made of a molehill with Sacha, his auntie and them claiming it was all just a misunderstand in the end.

    The stories seem so lazy lately which is a shame when the actors are giving their best. Stop going for the quick and easy storylines, not all your viewers have goldfish brains – a lot of us are capable of concentrating stories with more depth.

  6. Theamazingmrsm

    Hello, love the reviews : ) just to say yes it would be the board’s decision to replace a CEO. However, the board would act if the CEO, or Medical Director, lost the confidence of its senior medical staff. And yes before anyone asks I work in a hospital. I’m also v much team Hanssen.