Casualty: A gin-in-a-tin kind of day

connie hanssen casualty(Series 30, ep. 19) The Mythical St James’s called a black alert, which meant they were swamped with the kind of patients who don’t have an interesting back-story and are therefore of no use at Holby. The mythical doors were firmly closed to all accidents and emergencies, so everyone was routed to Holby City Hospital instead. Despite going almost code black themselves, Holby are made of sterner stuff than St James’s (obvs) and it wasn’t long before Lofty was proving his promotional credentials by helping to set up and run a big triage tent in the car park.

The triage tent was Connie’s idea, and she had to push it past Henrik Hanssen, who was in the department to add his own blend of glamour and terror to Lofty’s interview and the rest of the proceedings. 

ethan casualtyDespite all this, it was very much Ethan’s episode. Still unaware that he might have inherited a life-threatening condition from the mother he doesn’t know is his mother, he was struggling with a feeling of failure after not doing more to spot that Jess from the Hardcore Holby Rescue Team and her daughter were at risk from Jess’s scary partner. So he didn’t want anything bad happening on his watch this week. This was tricky because the first patient he had was a lovely old lady (Rita Davies) who was facing having to die on a trolley in a corridor. I didn’t think Connie was entirely focused on his concern about this, considering that this is the fate that befell her own father and we were led to believe then that it’s the sort of thing that never happens at Holby. Anyway, Ethan did his best for his patient and tried to give her as much dignity as possible under the circumstances. He also had time for some ninja-level emergency surgery elsewhere. Despite all this, a suicidal patient Connie had told him wasn’t really his concern earlier ended up dead by the end of the episode. Poor Ethan. Luckily he seems to have got himself a friend and ally in the form of Dr Lily Chao, who was being unexpectedly nice.

Dixie casualtyIn other news, Jess from the Hardcore Holby Rescue Team gave Dixie some flowers and brought her some gin-in-a-tin. She also kissed her, but Dixie is going to make her work harder than that, what with still having a formal enquiry hanging over her after Jess complained about her.

Zoe was back, and Max found out where she’d been (America) and who with – Dr Nick Jordan. Max wondered whether he should be jealous and asked Big Mac who this Nick Jordan chappie was. The answer he received (“Holby legend,” basically) was not comforting.

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  1. Suicide man was one of those plot devices in which, had he been treated at the beginning, half of the subsequent patients clogging up Holby would be safely at home and intact!

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