Casualty: Cal withstands Charlie’s stare for two episodes

cal casualty(Series 30, ep. 17 & 18) The last time I dipped my toe into a Casualty review, Cal had just discovered his birth mother has Huntington’s and there’s a 50/50 chance that either he, Ethan or both might have inherited it.

Two episodes later and he’s still struggling with whether or how to tell Ethan that not only has he grown up with a mother who didn’t give birth to him, but that he might have a life-changing diagnosis in the offing. The Casualty writers have been trying to help Cal with his decision by throwing patients his way who can speak his brains. Last week it was a sad, sad story of a woman (played by the wonderful Sheila Hancock) who was hiding her cancer diagnosis from her beloved partner. This week another woman was hiding a cancer diagnosis from her beloved partner (a pattern is emerging here) until her baby could safely be born. 

cal charlie casualtyAdded to this, Cal has Charlie gazing sorrowfully at him and issuing gentle ultimatums (“If you don’t tell him, I will”) at regular intervals. Cal did have a go at telling Ethan right at the end of the episode, but Ethan had had a bad day and said he couldn’t cope with any more bad news, so Cal used this as his get-out card and Ethan is in blissful ignorance for one more week. In the meantime, Cal is struggling on and spending any spare minutes googling symptoms and wondering if his hands are shaking.

dixie casualtyThe other big storyline has been Dixie’s suspicion that the daughter of Jess from the Hardcore Holby Rescue Team (surely that’s a spin-off just waiting to happen?) was being abused by Jess’s partner Nikki, AKA Emma Summerhayes off of EastEnders (Anna Acton). Obviously Dixie was right, and this week she got her chance to rescue Jess and her daughter from Nikki and then rescue Nikki from a burning house. It was heroic stuff, but Dixie doesn’t want a medal or applause. I think what she wants is a happy family life with Jess and her daughter, and I really wish that would happen.

lofty casualtyIn other news there was a charity auction and Lofty got into trouble for letting Jack pretty him up to be auctioned with a liberal application of fake tan. In the end Jacob offered to be auctioned instead, and was purchased by Jack. Oh how we laughed.

Next time: It’s Code Black in Holby ED, and Hanssen makes an appearance.

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One response to “Casualty: Cal withstands Charlie’s stare for two episodes

  1. Eilis

    I thought the twist was going to be that it was Jess abusing her daughter but it was just another example of me being too clever for my own good!

    I’ve no time for Cal but love Ethan so I hope that doesn’t all end badly, from my POV.

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