Holby City: Squeee level set at 11

morven digby holby(Series 18, ep. 13) For plot reasons, Henrik Hanssen sent Dominic, Digby and Morven to one of these adventure camp places where you get to pretend to be in a video game and make do without comfy beds and nice facilities in exchange for having your character built. Notice that Hanssen didn’t go himself, because his character is already built and he’s got more sense.

Also for plot reasons, the person running this adventure was Morven’s dad Austin (Clinton Blake), who turns out to be so famous he has his own Foundation. He’s also rather scary/thrilling, depending on whether you’re Digby or not. 

dominic holbyThis storyline was excellent fun, because we got to see Morven being all feisty and gung-ho, we got to see Dominic telling his relationship woes to a hen (marvellously named “Henriketta”), and we got to see Digby manning up and proving that he’s worthy of Morven’s affections and respect. And there was a happily-ever-after ending with Morven and Digby sharing a proper kiss, and Dominic getting himself a date with a posh boy.

As if that wasn’t all heartwarming enough, back at the hospital Oliver Valentine was eventually persuaded to crack and admit he’s in love with Zosia, and the pair of them also ended their shift with a proper kiss. He didn’t even run away after this one.

zosia ollie holbyHe took a bit of persuading, though, because he’d spent Christmas mooning about in Mexico feeling all guilty for having feelings for another woman when he was really supposed to be enslaved to the memory of Dr Tara Lo. It was going to take drastic action to stir him, and this came in the form of a twin-pronged attack from Jac Naylor and that nun who pops up sometimes to give him good advice. Jac told Zosia about a fabulous research opportunity in Edinburgh that meant she’d have to leave jac holbyimmediately. This seemed entirely reasonable to Zosia, because the fluid staffing configurations of Holby mean that people can come and go at the drop of a hat and not even have to think about who’s going to pay their share of the rent in Holby or anything practical like that. A word from Ollie would have made her stay, but he was busy being moody and upset. It took a tearful chat with the nun in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish to make him see sense. And when Jac walked in on Ollie and Zosia enjoying a Tender Moment, the penny finally dropped that the research job in Edinburgh had probably been made up by Jac just to give Ollie a bit of a motivational kicking. Jac always did employ unorthodox methods with him.

We were also treated to Mr T (MR T!!!) worrying that he would never be good enough for Mo, just to ensure that the sound of Holby fans going “Squeee!” could be heard up and down the land.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Squeee level set at 11

  1. Poor Mr T, will he ever find love?

  2. Mrs F

    What a fabulous episode loved it all even more so Zosia and Ollie are together at last!!! Beautifully written

  3. Thunderchild

    I did wonder if Henriketta was going to finer her way to Holby after that fall….we all know how good Hanssen is it healing injured birds!

    Aside from that I have to say that episode was rather dull – I’m probably in the minority here but I think Diggers is way past his sell by date and I’ve never particularly warmed to Morven either. I was also hoping that Zosia was going to disappear for six months!

    Thank heavens for Jac and Mr T!

    • Sarah

      You are not on your own Thunderchild in thinking Digby has past his sell by date. I do like Morven though and hope Digby doesn’t ruin her the way he did Chantelle. Holby has a habit of sacrificing interesting female characters to boost dull male characters (I’m hoping against hope they don’t go down that road with Serena and Ric – another bloke who has past his sell by date by a long shot!)

      The episode was silly and more like something dreamt up in the world of fanfiction. The transgender story was interesting and well acted but the Olie/Zosia thing – yawn! Maybe I am becoming to cynical for Holby but I feel like the storylines are becoming increasingly Hollyoaks-ish – get some grown-up drama in there!

      Are we all done with Fran now I wonder?

  4. What if Zosia had said “yes” to the job? 😉

  5. christina

    I was really annoyed that Zosia decided to drop a great opportunity (made up or not) for a bloke who’d been giving her the runaround. Do women do that in real life?

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