Holby City: Ric didn’t get the memo

ric holby(Series 18, ep. 12) After all the drama of the last few weeks, Holby City was ready for a relatively quiet episode. To ease us into a spot of post-Christmas relaxation, there was really no better man for the job than Ric Griffin.

Following his stay in Australia (“Expensive”) with daughter Jess (“Expensive”), Ric was all ready to add his own brand of calm authority to his old post in AAU. But he hadn’t been reading his emails. AAU is very much the Queendom of the blessed Serena these days. Ric was actually pencilled in for Keller.

He wasn’t best pleased, because his heart and soul is in AAU (though he practically had to be prised away from Keller once upon a time). Still, he’s a professional, so no problem there. He could easily fit in as the boss of Keller. Oops – another email missed, as Sacha is currently fulfilling that role. Poor Ric was left not quite knowing what his place was, and I can’t say I blame him. 

At least he knew he was in a position of authority over Adele, because she’s a very junior junior nurse who used to be a holiday rep. When she got too big for her boots, as she so often does, he put her in her place sharpish. He was right to do so as well, in my opinion – it just isn’t on to scare patients into thinking they might have cancer when it hadn’t occurred to them before and they probably don’t, and to assume that your patient is being groomed for terrorism just because she has a Turkish boyfriend.

hanssen holbyBut once again, he hadn’t got the memo. The one that says that Adele must be treated with kid gloves because (a) she got whacked in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, and that’s got to hurt, and (b) she’s Special. Hanssen swiftly put Ric right about these things, and Ric apologised, and realised for himself just how special Adele is.

mr t holbyOn Darwin, there was a lot of that double act of Mo and Mr T (or MoT), and it was brilliant. Chizzy Akudolu and Ben Hull really work so beautifully together, it makes the relationship between them seem totally real and effortless. As we know, Mr T loves the bones of Mo and has done for years. It’s love without any agenda except for her to be happy, and it’s a rare and beautiful thing. She, the silly sausage, can’t quite see this, or doesn’t quite feel the same way, though she loves him a lot in her own way. So when she decided she wanted a baby by a donor father, he was only too pleased to offer himself as a donor (he’s worn loose boxer shorts every day since he was ten years old, so quality isn’t an issue).

mo holbyThis was the cue for some lovely comedy sequences – Mr T primping himself in the mirror before he went to outline his plan to her; the look on Mo’s face when she saw a small jar of opaque liquid with his name on it on the staff room table (it was egg nog, apparently); and a very badly coded discussion about it between them in theatre, which led to Zosia exasperatedly saying, “Just take his semen, will you?” I love this story line – there are so many possibilities as to how it’ll develop, and any reason to see more of MoT is fine by me.

serena holbyRemember that hunky policeman who was in charge of proceedings when Selfie was left holding a live grenade? He appeared this week and did a lot of lurking around AAU. Frankly I thought he was a bit of a nuisance and I’d have got a non-speaking security guard to see him off the premises. Instead, he and Serena have gone on a date, and a nation rejoiced because it gave Serena the chance to wear her famous fur hat.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Ric didn’t get the memo

  1. fredpipes

    I was wondering if the lad with guitar was someone famous doing a cheeky cameo. My knowledge of young persons’ music is limited…

  2. Mv

    Captain Condescending has returned! Why? Seriously, Ric isn’t the only one wondering what his role is anymore. And how are he and Adele both going to manage on Keller sharing the title of ‘Special for no apparent reason/Irritating for many obvious reasons’ (it’s not a snazzy title granted). IMO Holby has moved on from Ric Griffin, if his only part is to stand around being The Ric Griffin then Keller is about to take a massive downturn equal only to the days when it was kindergarten to Dom, Arthur and Zosia.

    Mo and Mr T were glorious! But when are they not! I’m really looking forward to watching this storyline unfold.

    I agree the burly policeman was a nuisance and I’m not really sensing a great deal of chemistry between him and Ms Campbell. I wonder how long until he’s wounded at work and ends up being admitted as a patient. Next week? The week after? Although given Serena’s track record the relationship will be kaput after another 2 episodes! Bring back Angus I say!

  3. Vix

    That policeman was a really peat. Didn’t buy him as some potential lost opportunity for Serena at all. In the past She always seemed to have a soft spot for Ric so I wonder if things could ultimately end up in that direction.

  4. holbybunners

    Lovely Mr T (Mr T!) as an AI donor for Mo ..


    THat is WRONG on so many levels ..
    PS The man is nothing but a saint ..

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