Casualty: Secret Santa

cal charlie casualty(Series 30, ep. 16) The bottom has already fallen out of Cal’s world, but the hole just gets deeper and deeper. This week Charlie discovered – by secret means known only to Charlie – the name and address of Cal’s birth mother. When they got there, they were initially mistaken for carers, because Cal’s mother Emilie (Carol Royle) has Huntington’s disease and is severely disabled. On the plus side, Cal discovered that Ethan is also Emilie’s biological son, so at least they are still brothers. Sadly either, both, or neither of them might have inherited Emilie’s condition.

Emilie was lovely, but as usual Cal was all about Cal. Possibly I’m not being fair and anyone would have reacted as he did in that situation. I’m hoping he’ll go back to see Emilie when he’s had time to process things a bit – though this being Casualty, it’s probably only a matter of weeks before the poor woman finds herself being rushed into A&E for a swift reunion anyway. 

robyn casualtyMeanwhile, Robyn and Lofty were gloomy because they both had to work on Christmas Day (the action was taking place on Christmas Eve). Robyn had applied for the day off, which Rita had approved – but Rita did wonder why Robyn was applying for Christmas 2016 (though she didn’t wonder enough to actually ask her). Duh. It all worked out nicely for Robyn, as Jacob offered to swap shifts with either her or Lofty, and Lofty let her win.

jacob connie casualtyThe reason Jacob wants to work on Christmas Day is so he can be close to the divine Mrs Beauchamp. You can’t blame him, but I do wish he’d find another hobby. Maybe he could become a pirate. As he entered the department, singing Christmas songs and being all festive, I’m sure he said “Yo ho ho” instead of “Ho ho ho.”

dylan sean hughes casualtyThe main patient storyline involved a woman who fell off a roof while persuading her son not to fall off a roof while they both removed a mad amount of Christmas decorations because the woman thought her husband was having an affair. First aid was administered by comedian Sean Hughes, who had no fondness for Christmas after his family were killed in an accident during a previous festive season. Because it’s Christmas, the story took a heartwarming turn as Sean Hughes helped the father prove he hadn’t been cheating, and the family helped Sean to start moving on with his life.

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