Casualty: Get that hunk out of my ED!

casualty(Series 30, ep. 15) Jacob Masters. He sounds like a superhero, doesn’t he? And there he is, 6’1” (I looked him up on IMDb) of solid muscle, lovely teeth and a winning way with a bandage. He also has a smooth way with the laydeez, as Connie Beauchamp can attest, having woken up with him and then allowed him free range of her kitchen to make breakfast (with limited ingredients – it’s fair to say Connie is no Nigella as far as keeping her pantry stocked is concerned).

Obviously he couldn’t resist showing off and making “sleeping with the boss” quips as soon as they got to work, and it was nice to see a glimpse of the old Connie as she slapped him down a bit. 

connie charlie casualtyThe main storyline centred on a woman with motor neurone disease who’d made it clear to her mother and in her notes (and to Connie, who volunteers at her local MND support group) that she didn’t want to be resuscitated or ventilated. Jacob took it into his head that she’d changed her mind about this, and he was right, and eventually there was a happy outcome. Am I a very bad person for feeling cross that he was right, though? His behaviour set Ethan up for a possible malpractice claim at one point, but for me it’s just that I don’t really like Jacob. I don’t want him to be right. I don’t want Connie to go all silly and blinky whenever he’s in view. He’s smug and arrogant and I know he’s quietly nice to old ladies and that, but he gets on my nerves.

Elsewhere, not a lot was happening. There’s a higher band nursing job going, and Robyn was going to apply but now she thinks she’s not ready (plus she wants to do some fundraising for something). Lofty wasn’t going to apply, but now he thinks he is ready.

Dixie went to visit Jess from the Hardcore Holby Rescue Team, to float the idea that Jess’s  daughter might be being abused by Jess’s partner. This went down as well as you would expect, but it did give them the chance to have a beverage at a place that looked like a canteen on Moon Base.

Charlie is helping Cal find his real mother, and so far has come up with the jaw-dropping news that Cal may not even have been born in Wyvernshire. Blimey!

noel jack casualtyAnd we dicovered that Christmas decorations are absolutely smothered with germs (ours certainly are – Mr PLA hauled them out of a damp shed yesterday and has been coughing ever since). New receptionist Jack Diamond, a man composed of tinsel and glitter himself, found his decorating efforts all being taken down to be replaced by some hygienic ones provided by the hospital.


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12 responses to “Casualty: Get that hunk out of my ED!

  1. Don’t like Jack (Louise is needed back on reception), don’t like Jacob either – how will the Connie thing end?

  2. Urghhhh Jacob. This episode left me a bit cold, probably because it was so Jacob-centric.

    Jack’s sparkly over-campness might become a bit wearing, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    I wasn’t the only one who wondered why the ED/MTU has only one Rapid Infuser. And £18,000 pffft they probably spent a fraction that on The Self Centre’s Ego Massaging Unit over in Darwin.

  3. Hi, I read your Casualty review every week, thanks for posting 🙂 It would be good to hear your views on the Rita & Iain ‘romance’ though, any mentions have been pretty conspicuous by their absence since the week after they hooked up? Scenes are frustratingly (for a number of us) few and far between but there was definitely content worth commenting on last night and more so in ep 11 (Dr pinky hair…) to give a couple of examples. If you want to outsource “Riain watch” I’d be happy to apply 😉

    • Riain watch would be a nice weekly addition to the comments! I haven’t mentioned them much because, like you say, there hasn’t been all that much happening, just stolen moments here and there. I like how he makes her smile (I like Rita and I didn’t like it when she was the bad guy v Connie), but I think I might have missed why they decided to keep their relationship a secret. Dixie knows, doesn’t she?

      • Totally agree with your Rita comments. I’m the same with Iain too, he seemed to be cast as the villain/tortured soul previously too so nice to see a happier/softer side to him currently. Quite a few of us wondering why it’s still a secret, Rita as well by the looks of it after the end of Saturday’s ep! Whatever floats Iain’s boat it seems…

        Yeah Dixie knows after finding Rita’s text on his phone then winding him up that she had feelings for her too to get him to come clean (ep 9). And Zoe guessed early on but seems to have since disappeared from Holby…

        All a bit frustrating as after they got caught up in the fight in ep 11, it looked like he suddenly had an epiphany about how he felt about her (all she did was offer him a cup of tea, but he is Northern I suppose) Previews for Saturday suggest there should be some entertainment coming our way when he accidentally sexts Robyn…

  4. Collins1965

    Apparently the thinking behind Connie and Jacob is that TPTB thought it would be fun to match Connie up with someone who was her equal in every way because that has not been done before. And they came up with Jacob. Seriously???

    I have said it many times and it is truer now than ever – Casualty Connie is not a patch on Holby Connie.

  5. Poppy

    I definitely agree about Jacob- I just can’t stand him, whilst not a terrible person really, he just seems to take every opportunity to be slimy, smug, patronising and irritating!

  6. Barbara

    I so hoped Connie wouldn’t do that…. I really cannot warm to Jacob. He is a very unlikeable character. I hope she will kick him firmly into touch – and soon… Then, of course, I suppose he’ll go all flarey nostrilled on us again.

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