Holby City: Someone should admit her

fran holby(Series 18, ep. 9) You know I’m not a violent person, but by the end of this episode I wanted to kick something. Anything, but preferably Nurse Fran Reynolds.

Alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as she announced to Jac that cardiothoracics is her “passion.” That’s a word that’s used all over the place – we’ve probably all bought a sandwich from a company that declares itself to be “passionate” about sandwiches.

Passion goes down very well at Holby these days. Essie has already been praised for hers, and in this episode Jesse was praised for his (passion and compassion, but more of that later). Passion manifests itself in different ways, though. For Jac Naylor, passion for the job means working hard, being excellent, always improving. What it doesn’t mean is all the touchy-feely stuff that Fran thinks it means. 

fran jac holbyIt was fairly obvious to even the most casual viewer that Darwin patient o’ the week, Seymour Orson (Daniel Hill) was on the autistic spectrum, but Jac didn’t notice it at all and Fran only noticed it when he had a Rain Man moment and told her which day of the week her mother had died on many years ago. Until then, Jac had him written off as an awkward cuss and Fran had seized the opportunity to be annoyingly caring and dreadfully undermining to Jac. She led a vulnerable patient into saying that he wasn’t happy with Ms Naylor’s treatment of him, and she handed the case over to Ollie behind Jac’s back.

This would have been enough to have had her on a disciplinary, but in the end it was Jac who had a complaint made against her for negligence – by Fran.

I’m not sure if we were meant to have any sympathy for Fran’s position, but I certainly didn’t. Jac was no more brusque than usual with Seymour, and indeed she correctly realised that the best way to reassure him was to give him facts and statistics about her success rate.

dominic hanssen jesse holbyI’m going to turn my attention to another ward now, because my blood pressure can’t cope with this. On Keller Jesse came face to face with the past when he found his patient was the sister of the patient who’d died during surgery last time he had a go at being a surgeon. Unsurprisingly, her mother was not thrilled to see him again. He tried to avoid getting involved in the case, but in the end was on hand in theatre (as an anaesthetist) and was able to give Hanssen a vital piece of information to ensure the operation was a success. So everyone was happy and Hanssen was pleased with Jesse’s work and can now possibly imagine him settling into a surgeon’s role.

holby cityAAU was a bit silly. Raf, Fletch and Digby were more or less joined at the hip so they could try and match-make between Cara and a patient. I’m not sure how ethical it all was, but Cara wasn’t interested anyway, because it was too soon after the hideous revelations about Jed “Alias” Martinez (currently Banged Up). I think what we were supposed to take away from the storyline was that Raf kept looking a tad wistful, and was probably rather relieved that Cara wasn’t seduced by a man who could still have a crack at some capoeira moves while on crutches and recovering from a back injury that had had them all terribly worried only twenty minutes earlier.

Next time: Fran gets even more undermining and scheming against Jac. And I may have to check into a meditation centre to avoid exploding.


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6 responses to “Holby City: Someone should admit her

  1. mrssatan

    HH’s looming was pure perfection last night… 10/10 ☺️

    Fran had a point as far as Jac’s behaviour was concerned, but I feel she put HH in a very awkward position. He has had run-ins with Jac before and knows that she is brilliant but lacking tact and compassion, but now someone has flagged her behaviour up officially he has no option but to investigate. This was good news for Jesse as I don’t think HH would have been quite so understanding if he hadn’t got the Jac issue on his plate.

    Fletch was spot on, Raf and Cara would be perfect together ❤️

  2. Mvo

    I dislike Fran for various reasons but I couldn’t feel any sympathy for Jac either. The only one who deserved sympathy was the patient. When is Jac going to get over this aggy teen attitude because to be honest it’s boring and predictable now. If you were in hospital facing major surgery and your consultant was snappy and condescending not only to you but towards the other staff involved in your care, how would react? Jac has deserved a complaint for years. Connie, Hanssen – both tough but professional, Jac is a spoilt brat! Grrr she just really annoyed me this week and with the irritating Fran on top of that AND the silliness of AAU – this episode just had my teeth on edge!

  3. HH “What in the name of Odin?”

    I love him.

  4. sue stainer

    Absolutely love Henrik he looks very sexy with his hair a lot softer.

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