Casualty: The money-saving romance episode

jack noel casualty(Series 30, ep.14) Christmas has arrived in Holby, ushered in by some fairy lights, a patient who looked like a perfect picture-book Santa, and new receptionist Jack Diamond.

There’s someone sitting in the fictional HR department of the nation’s favourite fictional hospital who clearly believes that a regular shot of humour is what’s needed in the A&E department. The happiness gap left by Honey and Dr Perky Pinky Hair has now been filled by Jack, who squeals at the sight of blood (an ideal qualification for the role) and calls Noel “Noelle.” I like him.

jacob connie casualtyI’m expecting a huge, big-budget Christmas disaster in Casualty, because this week they were obviously saving money. We didn’t get to see an accident in which Iain skidded the ambulance on some ice outside the hospital (we didn’t get to see Hanssen either, but you’d think such a health and safety nightmare wouldn’t go unnoticed by The Man Upstairs). What we saw was an impaled woman in the back of the ambulance, which was on its side and precariously balanced. This gave Connie and Jacob the opportunity to spend a great deal of time at close quarters, in a dangerous situation. Throw in the fact that Connie was wearing her foxy leather jacket and it all ramped up the libido no end, and eventually resulted in the pair of them having a pre-Christmas canoodle in Connie’s office. This is good news for Connie because she wanted to spend Christmas in front of a roaring log fire, and Jacob will come in very handy to carry the logs. 

cal casualtyAs Cal has recently discovered that the woman he thought was his mother actually wasn’t,  and the baby he thought was his actually isn’t, he now only gets patients who are either babies or tragic mothers. This week he had to deal with the poignant story of a mother who’d lost her child, and a boy in desperate need of a home. Okay, it was a little far-fetched and schmaltzy, but it was nice to see some patients have a happy ending. And the actor playing the homeless man (Makir Ahmed) did an absolutely realistic job of throwing up. Usually actors being sick just do a quick barf, offload their cargo of vegetable soup or whatever, and then carry on as usual, but he managed to look all queasy and trembly as well. Excellent work.

And there was a little continuing thread of Dixie being concerned for the welfare of the daughter of the woman from the Hardcore Holby Rescue Team

Next time: Is Connie regretting succumbing to Jacob’s charms already?


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5 responses to “Casualty: The money-saving romance episode

  1. Eilis

    I had to avert my eyes at the “pre-Christmas canoodle”. Eugh….

    I’m wondering is it the mother and not the partner causing the injuries to the little girl? Too twisted? Isn’t her partner Mr T’s RL other half?

    • mrssatan

      Yes, she was Emma Summerhayes in Eastenders too

    • Barbara

      I’m with you, Eilis – eugh, indeed… If this turns into a full-blown lust-fest, I may have to start recording Casualty and fast forwarding through the gruesome bits. Get a grip, Connie! This is a Seriously Bad Idea…

      I’m probably just over-sensitive… I must admit that I missed the Oscar winning vomiting performance too – I avert my eyes at the first sign of an impending up-chuck and am still suffering from not spotting the horror that was to come when Lord Grantham redecorated the dining room at Downton recently…

  2. Marine

    The phenomenon of “you can only take on patients who apply to your personal issues down to the smallest detail” on Casualty and Holby both continues to amuse me.

  3. spuddy1972

    No she is Joy, Topsy and Tims sugary sweet Mummy from Cbeebies. She wouldn’t hurt a child surely…..

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