Casualty: Not the daddy. Not even the brother

cal casualty(Series 30, ep.13) Well, episode 13 was certainly unlucky for poor Cal. Last week he received DNA results that showed he can’t be Matilda’s father. Upon looking at the document further, it looked like the blood group they had down for him was wrong. Had they made a mistake? Could he be the daddy after all?

Sadly no. And even more sadly, the blood group (verified by Charlie) meant that Cal couldn’t be the biological son of the woman he thought was his mother. Therefore he’s at best only half brother to the glorious Ethan, and possibly not a brother at all. Blimey. That certainly put the Cal in “calamity.”

ethan cal casualtyIt mightn’t be so bad if both brothers hadn’t bonded with the wee baby, but they have, and they’re so cute with her. Cal didn’t have the heart to tell Ethan that he might be about to lose a brother as well as a niece, and has reverted to his comfort zone by getting drunk and having random sexual encounters.

connie casualtyTediously, it can only be a matter of time before the fragrant Connie Beauchamp is having a random sexual encounter with Mr Muscle, Jacob. I never imagined I’d ever have to type the following sentence, but: This week Connie beat Jacob at arm wrestling. It’s not the fact that she won that surprises me (brains will always beat brawn), but the fact that she did it in the first place. Connie doesn’t do banter! Not in front of a large portion of her staff team, anyway.

andrew hall casualtyThere were two patient storylines this week. One featured a cantankerous man who’d been placed upon the earth so that Jacob could demonstrate he has people skills. And the other involved a lesbian couple whose wedding was disrupted by the father of one of them (Andrew Hall off of Butterflies, previously seen in our Lustbox), and by a big wooden structure falling on them.

Zax watch: No Zoe this week, but the reason we know that she’s on leave is that Max asked someone where she was. Bless!


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2 responses to “Casualty: Not the daddy. Not even the brother

  1. Neil.

    No one seemed to notice that at the wedding it was the pregnant brides fathers fault ( he grabbed his daughter and pushed her into the shoddily built canopy ) then the canopy thing fell down clobbering his daughter and her intended, and thus leading to her untimely death.

  2. mrssatan

    The only interesting storyline Casualty has at the moment is the Cal/Ethan/Toad one
    – the show is getting dire while Holby is kicking butt!

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