Casualty: Cal faces up to fatherhood

cal casualty(Series 30, ep.12) “Cal faces every parent’s nightmare,” said the preview, and to me that meant back-to-back episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. I know I’ve gone on about that before, but honestly – that’s a Christmas I’ll never get back (to be fair we all had flu as well. It wasn’t all Thomas’s fault).

ethan casualty“Every parent’s worst nightmare” in Cal’s case was that baby Matilda (or “Toad” as he still adorably calls her) was ill and might have had meningitis. She didn’t, but that wasn’t confirmed until she’d had to go through various nasty procedures, which upset Cal so much he had to go and sit in his car and wait for a pep talk from Charlie. And then he squared his shoulders, turned his frown upside down and went to look after his daughter, because he’d realised that being a dad meant being by her side to try to make the bad stuff feel better. 

So far so character-building and marvellous – but no sooner was that crisis over than he had to face another parental nightmare. It turns out he isn’t Matilda’s biological father after all. This is awful news for all concerned, because Cal was being a most adorable father and Ethan was being a most adorable uncle.

lily casualtyMeanwhile, it seems that Dr Perky Pinky Hair isn’t coming back, and everyone was making cross-face at Lily because – as Louise pointed out at every opportunity – it was All Lily’s Fault, The Bullying Hag. Someone (I forget who) did try to defend Lily on the grounds that she’s recently lost her father, but Louise was in no mood for forgiveness. A joy-spreader like Dr Perky Pinky Hair comes along maybe only once a series and only a few of them (Lofty) stay, so Louise was feeling the loss of the chirpy Geordie.

dixie casualtyRemember when Dixie went for a drink with the woman from the hardcore Holby rescue team (or whatever it was) a while back? This week, Iain and Dixie had to rescue the same woman from a very deep hole in the Holbyshire Forest. She came complete with cute daughter and possessive partner, and it was all a bit sinister in a way that makes me think we’ll be seeing them again.

max zoe casualtyZax watch: Max noticed Zoe had taken her wedding ring off. He also noticed how she’s bloody thrilling when she’s doing her doctor thing. Just reel him in gently, Zoe.

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  1. spuddy1972

    Watching Topsy and Tim on Cbeebies with my children will never be the same again!!

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