Holby City: But we’re so close to an arrest!

cara holby(Series 18, ep.6) The Mythical St James’s is apparently real enough to have its own quiz team, according to Fletch. In fact I’m sure they have an A&E department as well (which occasionally gets used if Charlie is a bit over-stretched on Casualty). If only Nicole Brady had gone to St James’s to haemorrhage, Nurse Cara Martinez might have had a quieter shift and we wouldn’t have had to endure her husband, Jed “Alias” Martinez, bleating on at her again about how he’s so close to making an arrest he can’t possibly peep out from behind his undercovers.

Instead we had Bad Man Sean Brady stalking the AAU corridors holding the baby and eventually discovering the truth about who the real father is. Pausing only to put the baby down, he proceeded to give Jed the good kicking we’ve all felt he deserved for weeks, until Cara knocked Brady out with a swift whack with a crutch. 

To the very end Jed was trying to persuade Cara to trust him, and she might have done if Nicole hadn’t given her a swift summary of exactly what kind of things his undercover life had involved: sex, violence and a heavy reliance on hair products.

raf cara holbyAt least Cara has one man she can rely on. Adorable Dr Raf Not-Smug protected her by not telling anyone – not even Serena – exactly how Cara was involved in the situation. Bless him.

And bless Dr Dominic Copeland, too. Last week’s patient, Lee, was back on Keller for the surgery to sort out his cancer. Dominic was a bit funny with Lee last week – all cross and snappy in a way that made me think I’d missed something. He was like that this week as well, but he had to be nice to Lee because he wanted to be involved in the surgery. Lee took advantage of this by sending Dominic to get him magazines.

dominic holbyThey say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and in Dominic’s case there’s a thin line between irritation and attraction. He started to rather like Lee, so that by surgery time he was promising him that everything would be fine, medically speaking. We know by now that doctors shouldn’t promise positive outcomes when there are no guarantees, and when it was discovered in theatre that Lee’s cancer may have spread, Dominic had one of those distracted moments.

Later on he went to visit Lee – and they ended up holding hands. It was very sweet and I just wish I could promise Dominic a positive outcome, because he so deserves it. I’d have to say (because this is Holby) the prognosis is not good, though.

mo holbyMo, meanwhile, has given up looking for Mr Right. He definitely wasn’t the man she’d gone to a salsa class with. He turned out to have a heart condition and seven kids (“He’s a Sperminator,” said Mo). Mo realised that what she really wants is a baby, as looking after William has made her hear the ticking of the biological clock very loudly. Zosia pointed out that she didn’t need Mr Right to have a baby, so Mo is thinking of going the sperm bank route.

If only she knew a man who is kind, warm, funny, handsome, good with kids, can knit, knows his way professionally around lady parts and is crazy about her and likes the idea of having a family with her. If only she knew a man like that, just think how happy she could be.

Next time: Jac is back! And Dominic is falling in love. Not with Jac, though.


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5 responses to “Holby City: But we’re so close to an arrest!

  1. mrssatan

    Did you notice that the mythical Grange is now a fertility clinic? 👶

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