Holby City: Lots of pain caused by small things

mo william holby(Series 18, ep.5) Mo Effanga is a wonderful character. She’s strong, skillful, feisty, funny – and she can break your heart. So it did seem a bit odd a few weeks ago that she seemed to give wee William back to his father without too much of an effort and quickly console herself with quiz night. Where was the big emotional leave-taking?

They were saving it up for this week. Faced with the possibility that William might be going to live with his granny Viv (Sorcia’s mother, with whom Sorcia had had a difficult relationship), Mo and the little boy got in her funny pink car and headed off. She didn’t seem to have much of a plan – by then she was operating completely on instinct and emotion and wasn’t thinking much at all. Mr T, who knows her better than most, tracked her down to the local bus station. 

mo mr t holby cityWilliam likes buses and Mr T likes Mo, and I’m certain I wasn’t the only viewer who was thinking what a lovely family they’d make. In fact I’m certain that was exactly what Mr T was thinking. He persuaded her to come back to Holby, and there was such a lovely scene in the little pink car when Mr T assured her that one day she’d have a family of her own and be happy. Oh, let it be with Mr T, Mo. He’s perfect.

William’s stepfather Brett finally decided he would look after William after all, but Viv proved to be a lot more sympathetic than Mo first thought and understood how Mo felt. And how did Mo feel? “How can he not be my son?” she said. “I feel him, right here.”

serena digby holbyFrom pain caused by the love of a small boy to pain caused by having a small cavalryman embedded in your upper arm now. A small toy cavalryman, I hasten to add. This was the fate of Digby, who’d fallen over Dominic’s gym bag and managed to get the aforementioned object embedded in him. “Looks like you fought a toy soldier and the toy soldier won,” said Serena (who was on excellent form in this episode). “I’m at risk of blood poisoning,” fretted Digby. “You don’t know where Dom hides my cavalrymen.” Best not to dwell on that.

Digby was a spectacularly (amusingly) bad patient, though he insisted his anxiety is under control. Morven did her best to help, but he was having none of it: “I think Junior Doctor of the Year 2012 knows what he’s talking about,” he said. Attempting to self-treat later on, he promptly fainted at the sight of his own blood (he went down like a felled tree) and needed half the AAU staff to revive him.

Serena, meanwhile, was having a bad day herself following the arrival of a wedding invitation. Her ex, Alcoholic Edward, was marrying his much younger girlfriend (or “foetus”) and Serena wasn’t happy. Not that she’d ever have him back, but he just has this way of unsettling her that she doesn’t like. Digby reassured her that she was way too good for Edward, and obviously that’s true.

Patsy Brassvine, the Keeper of the Big Medical Purse, now has more titles to her name. She’s been appointed to the mysterious post of Innovations Consultant (she may want to start with Pulses – they’ve been overdue a menu revamp for years) and was also heading up the panel to appoint the new Keller consultant.

Sacha had his shoes polished and his suit cleaned ready for the interview. Hanssen dropped by to not wish him luck – why, that would be unethical. “Impartiality rules prevent me from wishing you good luck,” he said, “but were you to assume that is what I’m wishing you, that would be your prerogative… entirely.” How Guy Henry manages to deliver lines like that so smoothly is always a marvel.

sacha interview holbyIt was unfortunate that Patsy was on the interview panel as well as being Innovations Consultant, because she meddled with one of Sacha’s cases and tried to get him to Innovate when he strongly felt that the un-innovated method was the best. He turned out to be right, but Patsy’s influence had made the patient insist on the Innovated approach. The outcome wasn’t good for the patient, and it was a disaster for Sacha, as he let rip at Patsy after the interview: “If the price of a consultant’s badge is sucking up to some flash idiot who’s just bought their way on to the board then you can keep your damn job!”

Hanssen dropped by later to tell him he hadn’t got the job, but as a man with the moral compass of the hospital on his agenda, Hanssen let Sacha know that his attitude was appreciated.

Next time: Dom develops feelings for a patient; Mo struggles in the aftermath of losing William; and Jed “Alias” Martinez is back.


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8 responses to “Holby City: Lots of pain caused by small things

  1. mrssatan

    Can I say just how much I adored this episode… there were caustic and amusing lines for nearly everyone… and yes, Mr T, Mo and William were so cute together. It was also nice to have a Selfie free zone for an hour (ignoring Mo’s new and really irritating pet name for Saucer).

    One final “comment” (that I won’t explain)… HH 😍😘😍

  2. Barbara

    Best episode for ages. HH’s “impartiality” speech (definitely channelling Sir Humphrey”) made me shriek with laughter – much to the alarm of two startled cats…
    Serena was brilliant too. I’d like to see her have better story lines.
    Also, what has become of Ric Griffin? He just sort of vanished but I don’t recall how or why…?

  3. Thunderchild

    Serena was on fine form, loved the Florence Nightingale line! It’s high time she had a decent storyline – she’s been sitting on the sidelines for far too long.

  4. holbybunners

    Superb Episode ..

    Mr T (Mr T!!)

    HH and impartiality ..

    Mo and little William .. and the Red Bus …snivel ..

    C’mon Holby HR .. step up to the plate and find Brett a job so he does not have to return to Canada

  5. Vaudelin

    Love this review and the episode of course! I so enjoy HH scenes and Serena was a joy as always. For the first time ever I spotted a continuity issue – one moment Digby had a large bandage on his arm and a few seconds later in the same scene the bandage has mysteriously gone! Made me laugh. Really good episode.

  6. Is it just me, or has Holby been awesome recently? Not that it isn’t generally, but I mean a bit more than usual… I really hope it stays like this

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