Holby City: How to restore your confidence

digby selfie holby(Series 18, ep.4) I think my favourite moment of Selfie’s entire Holby career came in this episode. The sight of him sitting on a bench with Digby munching popping candy was rather delightful.

As Digby is Selfie’s daughter’s flatmate, it wasn’t so outlandish that they’d both be sharing a little confidence-boosting brains-speak in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. They both had something to prove in this episode: Selfie that he was over the shock of being almost blown up by a grenade, and Digby had to show his AAU colleagues that he could cope with his anxiety without resorting to the drugs trolley. Digby’s new drug of choice is the aforementioned popping candy – a trick he learned from Zosia. Apparently the odd sensation it produces is enough to take your mind off any other odd sensations, or something. It’s the food-stuff of the devil, that’s all I know. 

digby holbyThe episode was punctuated by Digby doing little confessional pieces to camera, which I assumed were actually taking place in the office of the staff counsellor. At the end it turned out he was in Hanssen’s office. He finished telling him how he had no people skills and people just confuse him (luckily, for people skills he used to have Chantelle and now he has Morven). Hanssen merely gazed an enigmatic – yet kindly – gaze and said, “From what you know of me would you think I consider myself a people person? And yet here I sit. Consultant General Surgeon and CEO of this fine hospital.” The message being that, as far as Hanssen is concerned, people skills Aren’t All That.

zosia selfie holbyWhich brings us back to Selfie. Brain surgery is a high pressure job at the best of times, but he had the extra stress of having to operate on the son of Patsy Brassvine (Caroline Lee Johnson), the woman who holds the purse strings for all sorts of medical funding. Selfie didn’t think he could cope and tried to find an alternative surgeon, but boosted by popping candy and with no replacement surgeon in sight, he was forced to scrub up. In theatre he had the standard panicking moment, but a bit of shouty advice from Jesse and then some calm advice from Hanssen put him back on track. The operation was a success and Patsy Brassvine was so pleased she’s going to fund his Self Centre.

Selfie’s immediate response was to start calling Hanssen “Henrik.” It seems the Monstrous Ego is back.

mo holbyDarwin was a little bit low-key in comparison to all this. Zosia (“Selfie Junior” as Mo was calling her) was keen to be involved in a bilateral lung transplant. Well, who wouldn’t be? So Mo made her jump through hoops for the entire shift just to wind her up. Mo seems quite comfortable being in charge of Darwin, but she shouldn’t relax too soon – it seems that Jac’s return is imminent.

Next time: Can Mo bear to let William go? Is Sacha really consultant material? And Digby is back on AAU – as a patient. Plus Mr T (Mr T!!!).


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10 responses to “Holby City: How to restore your confidence

  1. Lovely episode, not enjoyed an episode as much since the one where Elliott left! I went from feeling sorry for Self to loathing him again all in an hour. Poor Diggers, I really hope that things pick up for him soon. Two mentions of Jac! Must be on the cards that she returns soon, can’t wait to see how that is going to work? Bound to be pistols at dawn with Fran! So excited!

    • mrssatan

      I agree Sue; it was a lovely episode and I too went through the loathing/sympathy/loathing range of emotions re: Selfie.

      Really enjoyed seeing a lot of HH… and his little speech to Diggers was just *squeee!*


  2. UlrikeH

    I thought Jac was already back? Or did I see a preview or was it a nightmare???
    And yes, HH, was so…….present! Calm and encouraging. Not sure if I can voice my other thoughts here. 😉

  3. wiggles

    Would you Adam and Eve it? Miracle of miracles – I actually liked* Guy in this episode!!!

    *for about 5 minutes (probably the same 5 minutes as the rest of you) and then he had to go and spoil it being all him-Self again. Still, at least I won’t have to waste any time looking for flying pigs now, and I suspect the thermostat is still turned to high in hell too 🙂

  4. I would rather Digby keeps his glasses and scrubs. In the suit and no glasses bits he looked like the tiny brother of the beast off the chase, too scary! Lovely to see more of our HH this week very excited that Mr T is around next week, wake up Mo!

  5. HolbyNut

    Was no-one else alarmed by Digby wearing those new shoes with no socks? All I could think about was how his wee heels must be blistering under the strain of new leather.

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