Casualty: Beefcake… with a side order of fish

I asked you to give me a hand!

I asked you to give me a hand!

(Series 30, ep.10) Four things were going on in this episode:

– Dr Lily Chao’s mentoring of Dr Perky Pinky-Hair was rude, abrupt, spiteful, useless and borderline bullying (and I like Dr Lily Chao). Again.

– Dr Ethan Hardy and especially Dr Cal Knight were adorable with baby Matilda. Again.

– Nurse Jacob Masters was lumbering around the place getting all snarly and threatening with people (who admittedly deserved it). Again.

– And there was some business about a big fish.

The continuing storylines have inched further forward in the sense that Jacob is apparently about to exact some kind of vengeance on the man who shot him – who is a police officer, lest we forget. I have to say, I really don’t care.

And the presence of a Mysterious Vehicle at the end, just as Cal was having a bonding moment with baby Matilda, strongly hinted that Taylor or one of her representatives might be about to rain on Cal’s fatherly parade. I do care about this, because I like Cal as a character, and fatherhood has suited him (and it’s really suited Uncle Ethan), but frankly it would be more of a surprise if he got to keep the baby and raised her safely and happily. That’s the sort of thing that just never happens in a soap.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Beefcake… with a side order of fish

  1. The best characters in Casualty at present are Baby Matilda, Alicia, Dylan and Dervla the dog.

  2. Eilis

    Amuses me that as an F2, Dr Perky Pinky-Hair (love it!)is seen as a complete numpty while her equivalent in Holby (Zosia) is treated as the Greatest Living Doctor.

  3. Barbara

    Enough of the flaring nostrils! Can we please have Jacob surgically removed? I keep expecting him to paw the ground as well (though “paw” doesn’t sound quite right here…).
    I suppose the best we can hope for is that his vengeance wreaking activities will remove him from the scene – one way or another …. I really don’t care how so long as it’s permanent and, above all, soon….

  4. holbybunners

    I liked the episode – if only for the bit where they resuscitate the fish .. aaaawww..

    I quite like Jacob too ..

    Someone needs to have a little word with Lily .. I cannot believe that Connie is taken in by her criticism of the Pink Haired one ..

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