Holby City: It’ll be alright by quiz night

mo adele holby(Series 18, ep.3) Mo was only just getting used to parenthood and she’s had it whisked away again. Not for the first time, she’s had to give little William up just as she was beginning to bond with him.

She was helped in this heartbreaking task by the knowledge that he really was best off with his stepfather, and also by having the counsel of two wise women. One of them was her sister/cousin Adele, who seemed to be constantly at Mo’s shoulder for the purpose of pointing out Uncomfortable Truths. The other was a patient, a rather marvellous lawyer type called Lizzie (Polly Hemingway), who approached death as fearlessly as she’d approached life. “Feisty girls like us don’t give up,” she told Mo.

So Mo brought little William and all his bits and pieces to visit his stepfather, and consoled herself by hosting a much anticipated but poorly attended quiz night at Albie’s. 

cara holbyTalking of feisty women, Nurse Cara Martinez is fairly feisty herself, but you’d really need a Masters degree in feistiness to cope with what she’s had to put up with recently. Just in case she might have been starting to relax, up popped Nasty Sean Brady, the husband of Nicole, the woman who’s just given birth to Cara’s husband Jed’s son. He wanted to find out where Nicole is, so he was a bit menacing to Cara. Then Jed “Alias” Martinez turned up, to inject his own special brand of charm (Phil Mitchell with a quiff) to the proceedings. When Dr Raf Not-Smug accidentally referred to him as “Mr Martinez,” Jed responded by giving him a good kicking – for potentially letting his undercover cover slip, for being too friendly with Cara, or simply for having lovely eyelashes. We may never know. What we do know is that Raf had to struggle bravely on with nasty bruising and possibly worse, because the AAU Patient of the Week needed him in surgery.

raf cara holbyAfterwards, Raf and Cara had a little Moment in the locker room. She winced at his bruises while trying not to admire his manly physique, and told him from now on she’s going to keep well away from him for his own good. He blinked his lovely eyelashes at her in a manner that suggests he doesn’t want Cara far away from him, and he doesn’t care if it’s for his own good or not.

I’m worried that there’s an anaesthetist void elsewhere in the hospital, because Jesse is now being a surgeon on Keller. I know there are other anaesthetists about, because we see them – but they don’t speak, and I always think speaking is a useful skill for a doctor to have.

jesse sacha holbyJesse was approaching his new role with his usual cocky confidence, and it made Sacha go all introspective. Essie kept giving him pep talks, because he needs to be confident if he’s ever going to be a consultant. She also helped by being a bit rude and undermining to Jesse, because she’s the consummate professional. She needn’t have worried anyway – Jesse was really trying to run before he can walk, surgically-speaking, and Sacha had to save the day with a diagnosis. Then Sacha and Jesse bonded by forming a team for Mo’s quiz night, while Essie went home to make voodoo dolls of anyone else who may be considering applying for the consultant job.

Next time: Digby’s back, and he’s struggling.


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8 responses to “Holby City: It’ll be alright by quiz night

  1. Neil.

    Great review as always.

    Jed must be the most horrid character i have seen on TV recently as my wife told me to stop shouting at the screen as we watched.

    One thing is for sure, since making the gangsters wife pregnant, beating up Raf, and sporting a Rat face, and greasy quiff his undercover operation would never stand up in any court in the land.

    One thing that puzzled me a bit, Mo suddenly dropped off her adorable little charge with his Tesco bag of clothes at the bed of his still seriously ill step dad and buggered off and left the poor little chap, then went and popped his dinosaur!!

    She could have looked after him for a few more weeks methinks !

    • Dreamer

      If you think Jed is a horrible character, you should try watching Shitzgerald Grant on Scandal. *shudder*

      Maybe Mo left the kid cos she didn’t want to get even more attached?

    • Maybe they’re making Jed loathsome on purpose so we won’t think Cara is being an unfaithful hag when she finally succumbs to the charms of Dr Raf Not-Smug.

      The other thing about Mo dropping William off with Brett was that a short while before they were talking about how Brett had had a serious chest injury in the car crash, but he didn’t even wince when clasping the small child to his bosom. You’d think he’d have at least been a bit tender.

  2. Ems

    I just want to ask, I have been wondering for some time who knows Jed is undercover? We only have his word for it…
    Btw love the reviews – always have a read but this is my first comment 🙂

    • Hope you’ll comment again, Ems. There’s nothing better than talking about Holby ;). I’m confused about your Jed not being undercover theory though. What else might he be doing? Presumably he is a real policeman – Cara must have met his colleagues etc before he went undercover.

      • Ems

        Aw thank you 🙂
        I was trying to work out if one of the reasons he didn’t want cara talking to his police manager was because he’d gone rogue and now is a criminal or else is stringing out making the arrest because of what he’s personally getting out of it. It is assumed he’s been working on this case for some time – at least 7 months according to the baby – how long does it take to get evidence against someone? What is he waiting for?
        Also much as I love the idea of cara and raf together, isn’t it going to put raf back at square one where cara wants a baby and raf can’t produce the goods?

  3. David

    Why was Mo even having a quiz night?

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