Casualty: Beefcake

connie jacob casualty(Series 30, ep.9) I’m sorry, but I can’t take Jacob Masters seriously. Recovering from a recent gunshot wound, he was taking it easy with a spot of extreme swimming and running. Maybe we’re all supposed to follow Connie’s lead and feel a bit of a swoon coming on every time his enormous pecs heave into view, but… Well, you already know my idea of a Real Man is someone more on the Ethan Hardy end of the spectrum.

Speaking of whom, he and Cal seemed to be having a lovely time playing Two Men And A Baby with little Matilda (or “Toad,” as Cal calls her). They’ve got feeding, nappy changing and bath times off to a fine art, bless them. There’s going to be tears if/when Cal finds out she’s not biologically his, or Taylor decides she wants her back.

Meanwhile, Dr Lily Chao was struggling to maintain her professional poise following her father’s death, and Dixie enjoyed winding Iain up when she found out about him and Rita. Oh – and Max almost moved to Birmingham but then didn’t. Zax fans, I think there might be a glimmer of hope.


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5 responses to “Casualty: Beefcake

  1. mrssatan

    Jacob is Casualty’s Adele… perhaps they should marry!

  2. Barbara

    Brilliant idea, Mrssatan. I cannot be doing with Jacob in any shape or form. I’m not a great fan of Connie either but she does need rescuing from herself. Every time Jacob flares his nostrils, she simpers – simpers – Connie …. It’s not right.

    Perhaps he and Adele could find a distant planet to save. Maybe they could take Lily with them as well.

    • Dreamer

      Why does everyone hate Lily? I think she’s an interesting (and quite a vulnerable) character.

      Robin on the other hand. Shouldn’t she keep her/Zoe’s private life outside the workplace? And why is she being rude to a senior doctor/her superior? Whatever went on between Zax (over them now) is their problem. Yeesh. As for the actress herself, I didn’t realise she was South Asian. /sarcasm

      And, oy, Jacob. I want to pop his muscles like bubblewrap. lol

  3. Dreamer

    @holbybunners I am/was calm, yo. 🙂

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