Holby City: Well this is awkward

jed cara holby(Series 18, ep.2) I wonder what first attracted Beautiful Nurse Cara Martinez to DC Jed “Alias” Martinez? Did he woo her with elaborately sculpted balloon animals and love tokens crafted out of delicate sugar-work? Or was it just his ability to hold her gaze while clenching his teeth and making veins pop in his forehead?

Thank goodness he still has some of his skills intact, but only the nasty ones because The Job has knocked out any sweetness he may once have possessed. He’s been too busy getting undercover-and-on-the-side girlfriends pregnant, because his intensive police training apparently didn’t cover contraception. 

cara holbyPoor Cara was faced this week with the prospect of assisting in the birthing of her husband’s undercover secret love child, when for plot reasons there were no beds at all in Maternity even though the baby was breech. Not even a side room or a stable could be found, probably because it was Mr T’s day off and the department was in the hands of anonymous midwives.

So the little Jedling came into the world, and Cara had to stand silently by and stare mournfully for a lot of the episode while various configurations of happy families got to hold the baby. It was no surprise that the poor woman was stressed and accidentally let slip that the baby was six weeks early rather than two, thus letting Brady know he couldn’t be the baby’s father. He still didn’t twig the daddy was his bro Jed, but Nicole knew he wouldn’t take the news well and she had to escape.

Dr Raf Not-Smug finally noticed that Cara had become a little over-involved in this particular case, to the extent that I don’t think she as much as glanced at another patient for the entire shift. Cara had to tell him what was going on, and he helped to get Nicole and the baby safely away. He may regret this, if next week’s preview is to be believed.

selfie hanssen holbyOn Keller, Henrik Hanssen was keeping a close eye on Selfie, and he was right to do so. Selfie – apparently human and not simply an EgoBot 5000 – was suffering the after-effects of having almost been blown up by a grenade a while back and he wasn’t himSelf at all. Hanssen was observing through the glass as Selfie went a bit blank and useless in surgery, and ordered him out of the theatre. Selfie is now on a “sabbatical” until he sorts himSelf out.

Zosia and Ollie were mainly concerned about whether Mo was coping with having little William (he calls her Momo – cute!) to look after. It seems that she’s coping very well, apart from having to adjust to a diet mainly consisting of sausages.

zosia holbyMeanwhile I want to start a campaign. “Zollie” must not happen. Yes, they are absolutely delightful together and there’s a real chemistry and rapport between them. They would be a gorgeous couple and could potentially have the most beautiful children imaginable. But you know how it would play out. They’d no sooner get together properly and we’d all be going “ahhhh” and it would be lovely – and then things would go wrong, there’d be problems, there’d be heartbreak – and Ollie would end up O Negative and Zosia would end up being all sad and distracted again.

Oh, Holby City, you’ve destroyed my faith in True Love.


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11 responses to “Holby City: Well this is awkward

  1. Maybe Dom needs to take Selfie to his caravan park? A bit of karaoke does wonders for the nerves!

  2. holbybunners

    But what happened to the gloomy chap convinced it was the day of his Death?
    Left on the operating table while Selfie went wandering off with a Glazed Expression on his face thats what ..

    Did the on call Neuro surgeon turn up .. or was gloomy chap left to former anaesthetist and dumped at the altar Jess ?

  3. mrssatan

    I appreciated seeing more of HH in this eppy; was beginning to think that he was only allowed out of his office on alternate weeks and not during a full moon! Was also nice to see him doing something more substantial… and I thought the scene with him, Serena and Selfie was excellent. Looks like Selfie is going to go back down the route he took when his wife died…

    Agreeing with others; there do seem to be a lot of story threads that just seem to be forgotten about… the aborted wedding; the man who was convinced he was going to die; Dom proving himself to HH; Digby and his problems… things get picked up and put down with no apparent rhyme or reason…

  4. holbybunners

    I think its a bit different with peoples problems – for they can either sort themselves out – or fester away in the background.

    However leaving a man on an operating table with his surgery half finished does not sort itself out without some help from a medic!

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