Casualty: Cal’s left holding the baby

cal casualty(Series 30, ep.8) If you hadn’t seen the red button episode last week you might have been a bit bewildered to see Cal and Ethan now living with a very tiny baby. The baby is apparently the offspring of Taylor, and I say “apparently” because you can never be sure of anything with Taylor. Though she did had a spot of postpartum bleeding last week to prove she hadn’t just found the baby on a skip.

cal ethan holbyEthan, who is extremely sensible and cautious, wants Cal to have a DNA test to find out if the little girl – named Matilda by Cal, after their late mother – is really a baby Knight, as Taylor claimed before scarpering. 

Meanwhile, Cal had a difficult shift owing to not getting a place for Matilda in the crèche and having to palm her off on Big Mac, Dixie and assorted others. But by the end of the episode he was bonding beautifully and coping admirably. He even had time to knock up a lasagne in between nappy changes and bath time. All of this has made Ethan frown even more and repeat his advice that a paternity test is needed.

I still can’t help wondering whether it’s Dixie who’ll be left permanently holding the baby when all this has settled down. She was so sweet with her when she had to look after her, and she’s so disappointed that the adoption panel rejected her application. It’s because she isn’t over Jeffrey, she explained to the baby. Bless.

casualtyThe two big medical storylines in the episode were really good. Charlie employed his wisdom to help a widowed father cope with his own grief and that of his young daughter (a touching performance from Abbie Vena). And a woman with a rare, progressive illness found happiness with a slightly eccentric man who was given to big, romantic gestures. It should have been annoying, but it was different and sweet.

lily casualtyElsewhere, Dr Lily Chao was struggling to carry on following her father’s funeral, and Dr Dylan Keogh finally took the hint and told Lofty he’d be moving out of his and Robyn’s house and back to another houseboat. But the bromance is set to continue, as Lofty was invited round for soufflé later. “You’re very welcome to join us” (i.e. Dylan and Dervla). “It’ll be cheesy.”


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4 responses to “Casualty: Cal’s left holding the baby

  1. Vicki

    Always enjoy your Holby universe reviews. That little girl brought a tear to my eye but it was an opportunity to remind us of how twinkly Charlie can be- so pleased to see him back! Laughed at the knowing ‘national treasure’ reference.

  2. So I’m not the only one who think’s that’s where this baby storyline is going to end… Well, glad someone else is on the same page

  3. Barbara

    Thank you, Sue, for clearing up the mystery of Cal and the sudden appearance of baby. The Red Button thing had passed me by though I have since tracked it down and watched on iPlayer. I do wish they wouldn’t do that though. What’s the point?

    As to the whole Cal/Taylor/baby story – yes, well….. So far, so unrealistic… Presumably, eg, someone has to register the birth of this poor child. It’s not a stray kitten. Anyway – I agree – give her to Dixie. Problem solved.

    Also glad to see the return of a twinkly Charlie. Are we expecting Duffy to reappear or was she just back for the anniversary?

  4. spuddy1972

    Yes its a long way to come from New Zealand for one shift

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