Holby City: New responsibilities for Mo

mo william holby(Series 18, ep.1) Three years just flies by, doesn’t it? It only seems like yesterday that Mo was almost fracturing Jac’s hand while giving birth to baby William in one of my favourite episodes ever. When she handed the baby to his biological mother Sorcia and they emigrated to Canada, she probably thought she wouldn’t see much of him apart from a progress report in a round-robin email at Christmas.

zosia mo holbyThe lure of Holby proved too much for Sorcia, though, so the family was only a few miles away from the hospital when the Curse of the Holby friend/relative struck and so did a passing vehicle. The result was that Sorcia’s partner ended up in a very bad way indeed, and after an apparently healthy pause, so did Sorcia. Despite the best efforts of Mo and Sacha, she died. Meanwhile little William (Jackson Allison), now three years old, was wandering around the hospital being quietly adorable (apart from when he smacked Oliver Valentine in the face with a colouring book). 

At the start of the episode we saw Mo telling Hanssen that she was up for the challenge of filling in for the recently departed Elliot Hope. It was therefore a tiny bit inevitable that she would end up having to take on the responsibility for looking after the little boy she gave birth to. She’s always felt a strong bond with him, but even if she hadn’t his little face when he said to her, “Please don’t go,” would have been impossible to resist. I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll see less of her while she’s at home getting acquainted with CBeebies.

hanssen holbyFor students of the tall enigma who is Henrik Hanssen, the way he looked at the little boy (“He couldn’t be in better hands, Miss Effanga”) – a mixture of kindness, sympathy and sadness possibly indicated that he’s missing his grandson. Maybe we’ll soon find out what made him leave Sweden again and return to Holby (hinted at in an interview with Series Producer Simon Harper here).

In other news: Cara and Raf bonded after she admitted to him that she and her husband have split up. Raf knows what it’s like to be cheated on, bless him.

Jesse – apparently absolutely over being jilted last week – has decided he fancies being a surgeon again. He was working with Sacha for the day, which made Selfie go all sulky.

oliver holbyIt was Oliver Valentine’s birthday, and apart from being hit in the face with a colouring book, his main preoccupation was Zosia. There was a lovely scene in which he told William (happily colouring in and ignoring him) about his feelings for her. At the end of the shift she agreed to go for a birthday drink with him, so progress has been made.

sacha fran holbySacha is getting fed up with Fran slumping drunkenly on his sofa on a nightly basis. Frankly he’s not the only one getting fed up with Fran. Some aspects of her I quite like – she seems like a real nurse and she has a relatable warmth and sense of fun about her. But I find all this “good time girl” business a bit tiresome, and it does Sacha no favours as a character to now have him being browbeaten by two irritating women instead of the usual one.

And get ready to deck the halls! Christmas must be coming, because they now have a bowl of satsumas on the counter at Pulses.


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10 responses to “Holby City: New responsibilities for Mo

  1. mrssatan

    Shame William didn’t slap Selfie round the face with his colouring book – would have been hilarious!

  2. fredpipes

    Fran’s behaviour would be considered sexual harrassment in some workplaces! Overall a soppy sentimental episode and we knew all along Sorcia had to die. Lets hope dad gets well soon. The Jesse storyline is a bit odd, i never knew he was a surgeon once. Echoes of Frieda, and Louise of Casualty’s job swop?

    • Neil.

      I have to admit i am very sick of Fran, a nurse calling a senior consultant ” Sash ” is just very disrespectful, Sacha should man up and tell her where to get off !

  3. Neil.

    Great review, and good morning from Atlantic Canada.

  4. HolbyNut

    Thought it a bit odd that everyone seems so OK about the wedding that never was, especially Jesse (as you said, PLA).
    It was quite touching at the end with Mo and William and yes, loved Hanssen’s expression too.
    A gentle wee episode…except for Fran’s description of Sacha in the buff – who knew?

  5. Wait till Jac gets back and finds out that Fran is upsetting her Sasha. Bound to be a stand off between the two red heads! She will get the sort of put down that Jac delivered to Chrissie back in the day, I for one can’t wait! Nice episode, sort of setting the scene for future action.

  6. anusha

    thought the little boy who was playing Sorcias son was finding it difficult to keep his face sad and not laugh it looked like he was having a blast with mo it was adorable

  7. holbybunners

    Well – good for little Bilbo (William) for giving po-faced Oliver a slap .. although Fran deserved an even bigger one. At the same time I’m glad that the Oliver and Zosia love-relationship is progressing nicely.

    And good for Adele for – for once – keeping her gob shut and not interfering in her Sis’s big decision.

  8. I think Frans got her eye on Sacha, which could be fun. Imagine the girlfriend, sorry I can never remember her name she’s so bland turn into a real bunny boiler! Wayhay!

  9. Forget Cara & Raf. We know that’s doomed but will make good telly.What about Cara & Mr T?

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