Casualty: How can I get over you if you keep turning up?

cal ruby casualty(Series 30, ep.7) Remember Taylor, Cal’s former girlfriend who swindled him out of a lot of (Ethan’s) money and broke his heart? That was quite a while ago, and it’s taken Cal this long to get back on the dating scene. He wouldn’t have bothered with the dating scene this week either, but how can you resist when a woman is good enough to fling herself between you and some falling rubble and save your life? 

If you haven’t seen the episode you may be thinking “Oh. So Cal is dating Dixie now?” He’s not. It was another woman – the sister of the person Cal was meant to be helping Iain rescue.

But just when he thought he was over his lying, cheating heartbreaker of an ex, guess who was standing behind him, smiling winsomely? It was only That Taylor.

A quick detour to the special, extra red button episode now. Am I the only one who finds these things a bit irksome? They’re like The Apprentice: You’re Fired! and Great British Bake Off: More Crumbs with Jo Brand (or whatever it’s called) – just too much show for your money. At least this one added a bit more to the story. Taylor wasn’t alone – she’d brought with her a very tiny baby who didn’t even have a name but was female. The baby female may or may not be a little Knight – Taylor was rather evasive on that point (“I hope she is,” she said). Either way, Cal has temporarily been left holding the baby, as Taylor stayed around long enough for Ethan to sort out a bit of post-giving-birth infection, and she was off. Typical Taylor behaviour – but how will Cal cope with a tiny baby to look after? Unless he knows of a paramedic who’s keen to adopt…

dixie casualtyBecause – going back to the main show now – the reason Cal had been in the ambulance with Iain was partly because Dixie was at her hearing to find out if she can adopt a child. And – despite a very lovely interview which included some heartfelt words about the late lamented Jeff, the answer from the panel was no. There was no explanation, but possibly they think she isn’t quite over the late lamented Jeff yet. I know I’m not.

Dr Lily Chao – who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite Casualty characters – spent the entire shift maintaining an even stiffer upper lip than usual, and nobody quite knew why. It took Connie – the queen of the stiff upper lip – to prise it out of her at the end of the shift. Turns out Lily had just received news that her father had died – but she felt he’d want her to finish her shift.

dylan casualtyDylan had a better day at work after Connie insisted on him getting stuck into a case involving domestic violence. It’s always his instinct to keep away from emotionally messy stuff, but in this case he ended up being honest about his own OCD and it was this that got the patient to trust him.

Romance news: Iain and Rita are definitely on, and Connie is still acting like a breathless teenager whenever Jacob’s manly pecs are in view. His masculine allure is terrifyingly potent even when he’s incapacitated in a hospital bed. Heaven knows how she’ll cope when he’s mobile and exuding testosterone all over A&E again.

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  1. holbybunners

    So Jacob is in line for becoming Connie’s next Baby Father then – or are there others still awaiting interview?

    I think we should be told ..
    PS Did I imagine the fact that this last episode was produced by Jack Ryder – presumably the actor who played “Jamie Mitchell” from EastEnders? It says something different in Radio Times.

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