Casualty: Lucky for some

dylan zoe casualty(Series 30, ep.6) Only Casualty can make a park look dangerous. As we saw Dylan walking through this community leisure facility, there were threats everywhere – people playing baseball, a model plane – massive potential for injuries from both of these. There was even a woman talking to a magpie. “One for sorrow,” she informed Dylan. As she turned away, behind her the model plane knocked the magpie off its perch and the woman walked into a tree. Who knew that a tree could be the most dangerous thing in a park?

So this woman, Florence (Victoria Bush off of Waterloo Road) ended up in the hospital with a massive nosebleed. This meant I had to watch large parts of this episode between my fingers, because nosebleeds are a thing I just can’t cope with, even if they’re just pretend. 

As we know, Dylan has had his issues with superstition recently, and when Florence turned out to be possibly the most accident-prone person he’d ever met, he was inclined to put it down to bad luck. Lofty, however, is currently being Dylan’s self-appointed best friend and buddy and he pushed the previously very logical Dr Keogh to find a medical explanation. It turned out Florence had a nail in her head from a previous injury, and a swift visit to the Self Centre of Neurological Excellence upstairs would sort her out.

lily alicia casualtyMeanwhile, most of the female members of staff were going silly and gooey-eyed over a buff man, Simon (Paul Luebke). The buffness was enough for Louise and Alicia, but for Dr Lily Chao it was finding out that Simon was an ambitious banker that got her heart a-fluttering. She’s on the hunt for Mr Right, and a man who plans to be rich enough to retire at 35 is exactly what ticks her boxes.

Sadly Simon was not all he seemed. He was actually unemployed, and overdoing it at the gym had given him all sorts of physical problems. No use at all for Lily, though Louise said she’d still be happy to smear peanut butter on him.

dixie casualtyDixie and Iain, meanwhile, were about to mark the anniversary of Jeff’s death with a consoling pint when they realised they had to go on some training with the Hazardous Area Response Team – a troupe of testosterone-filled showy-offy men and a less testosterone-filled woman. Because Dixie and Iain are ours and we love them, it was inevitable that they would end up doing a vital piece of rescuing and showing the macho types how splendid they really are. It was also a bit inevitable that the female member of the team and Dixie would end up having a date. She does deserve it though, bless her.

Iain also ended the day in the arms of an attractive woman, in this case Rita.

Less luck on the romantic front for Zoe, who still loves Max ever so much – for which you can’t blame her. She’s still wearing her wedding ring and everything. But sadly for her, he says he wants a divorce. Oh Max.

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One response to “Casualty: Lucky for some

  1. holbybunners

    Lovely review – as per ..

    However – what happened to the elderly lady who hadn’t had a pooh for two weeks then? I seem to remember she was abandoned for a buff bin man/banker..

    Is she still suffering? I think we should be told

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