Casualty: Connie from the Rye

jacob connie casualty(Series 30, ep.5) Racism, Islamophobia and terrorism are huge subjects – perhaps too huge for a 50 minute popular entertainment programme to do justice to. When the popular entertainment programme is Casualty and its bread-and-butter storylines deal literally with life and death on a weekly basis, maybe it’s not such a stretch. Writer Mark Catley had a good go at it in this episode, presenting a snapshot of opinions, from Lucy Benjamin’s right-wing racist to a grieving Muslim father begging for an end to violence (“When did it become okay for us to kill?”) and praying alongside a nurse reciting the Christian Lord’s Prayer.

This was wrapped up in an entertaining and dramatic story that at one point had a female terrorist and Jacob going gun-to-gun and Jacob being shot by the police.

Luckily the bullet passed right through him, which is difficult to imagine given that Jacob is so muscular he seems to be entirely solid. Jacob and Connie had been flirting with each other for much of the episode. He was determined to find out where she was from, spotting that she’s not quite as posh as she likes to make out. Connie was keeping her guard up, but as soon as Jacob got shot she became all whispery and emotional, and eventually admitted she’s from Peckham. Is she going to regret that moment of weakness when Jacob’s back to full arrogant strength and she wants to revert to being Mrs Beauchamp rather than Connie from the Rye?


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3 responses to “Casualty: Connie from the Rye

  1. Dreamer

    I believe both the Lord’s Prayer and a Dua were performed (you can hear a few words in Arabic being recited near the end). 🙂

  2. Thunderchild

    I appreciated the continuity with the police officer from the AAU siege. Given the fact he was eying up Serena Campbell I assume he’ll be popping up again from time to time.

  3. Emma Chaplin

    I couldn’t help but suspect the entire storyline was built around Jacob having to take his top off…

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