Casualty: A breath of fresh air

alicia casualty(Series 30, ep.4) It takes a fair bit to impress Connie Beauchamp, but new F2 Alicia Munroe achieved it. The omens weren’t good when Alicia brought in home-made lemon cake in a try-hard attempt to ingratiate herself with her new colleagues. That didn’t impress Connie much. The “coming over a bit funny and having to be ordered out of the room by Lily” bit wasn’t her finest hour either (though it wasn’t Lily’s finest hour not to answer the simple question “Am I doing this right?” Isn’t that rather the point of a teaching hospital?). What did impress Connie was that Alicia trusts her instincts, uses her brain and is generally friendly and cheerful. In other words, she’s rather like Robyn, but among the doctoring staff she’s a “breath of fresh air,” according to Mrs Beauchamp. 

dylan lofty casualtyThat’s not something you could accuse Dylan of, but he’s trying to battle his demons with the help of staff counsellor Ben. One of the main demons he was trying to battle in this episode was Lofty and his relentless glass-half-full perkiness. By the end of an episode in which Lofty managed to help a dying patient by smuggling her beloved dog into the department, Dylan was beginning to see that Lofty might not be entirely irritating after all. “You have a gift for human connection that you may have noticed seems to have eluded me,” Dylan told him, and even managed to endure a hug from his curly colleague. “For a moment I finally lost my mind entirely,” said Dylan. And a beautiful bromance was born.

noel honey casualtyMeanwhile, have we lost Honey again? She and Ethan admitted their relationship was never going to work. “Whoever heard of a doctor going out with a stripper?” Honey said, assessing her career goals and deciding she wanted to be an aromatherapist with a side order of Reiki. Sadly the training and setting up in business would cost money, which she doesn’t have. Noel, wanting to make up for all the years he was an absent and/or useless father, sold his precious collection of action figures to raise the money.

And Jacob asked Connie out. She turned him down, and Jacob said he doesn’t ask twice. He probably will, though, or she’ll ask him. I can’t see it working either way, because the clash of egos would be so intense it might shift Holby’s gravitational field.

Next time: Terror comes to Holby!

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