Holby City: Career suicide

morven digby holby(Series 17, ep.49) AAU was all about Digby this week, but obviously the first question we wanted answering was whether Fletch survived last week’s explosion. It looked quite grim at the beginning, as the patient Raf etc were working on went beep, and despite everyone’s desperate efforts, he died. But we never saw his face, until we’d already seen the face of Fletch, watching through the window and very much alive. The dead person was Ron, and Fletch had escaped with just a flesh wound. “You’re a bloody hero,” Raf told him.

Selfie was bloody, but he wasn’t a hero. He slumped about in a shirt covered in Ron’s blood for so long I was screaming at him to get himself to the scrubs cupboard and get something clean to wear. He did manage to mumble a thank you to Fletch, who said not to mention it because Selfie would have done the same for him. You could tell by Selfie’s face that he wouldn’t have done any such thing, but that he wasn’t proud of himself for it. 

morven holbyBack to Digby, whose anxiety dial was turned up to 11, what with things exploding, people dying, and having to deal with two brothers who were annoying and tricky respectively. And his shoes got vomited on – twice.

So it wasn’t long before he was unlocking the drugs trolley and helping himself to something calming. And he was seen by Morven. Trying to cover for him, Morven found herself in the middle of an impossible situation and Serena, thinking it was Morven who was stressed, sent her home. She left, but not before making a brilliant diagnosis on the tricky patient and telling Digby she didn’t want to be around when he killed somebody.

Digby went to confess all to Serena and Hanssen – which is such a brave thing to do that he must have still been firmly medicated at that point. Hanssen just looked at him with his face set to ‘inscrutable.’

digby dominic holbyWhat Digby really needed was a friend and champion, and he has that in the form of the totally wonderful (and getting more wonderful by the week) Dr Dominic Copeland. As we know, Hanssen doesn’t have the same high opinion of Dominic that I have, but when Dominic went and pleaded on Digby’s behalf (“He just needs someone to believe in him”) Hanssen relented a little bit. Digby now has two weeks to get drug-free and Hanssen will review the situation.

oliver holbyThe question I had re Darwin was why Oliver Valentine was still working, given that he’d been knocked unconscious (albeit briefly) in the explosion. He should have been resting and watching out for signs of concussion. Anyhoo, he was sent off to collect a donor heart so we didn’t see him for much of the episode. This gave Zosia time to reflect on their kiss, and time to tell Slimy Seb (who was lurking around Darwin with muffins and unwanted psych interventions) about it. He didn’t take it well, and as soon as Ollie got back Seb confronted him. I was squealing “Not his face! Not his precious surgeon’s hands!” but Seb went for the psyche rather than a physical attack (saves wear and tear on the shirts). Whether this had anything to do with Ollie’s later reluctance to commit to a relationship with Zosia I’m not sure, but it didn’t do Seb any good. He told Zosia he loves her – but she said she doesn’t love him back. Ouch. Time to get those rabbit hutches firmly locked.

fran holbyThere was a new nurse on Keller. Fran Reynolds is an old friend of Essie’s from their student days and her main function in this episode was to make Sacha feel even more insecure than he does already by telling him that Essie used to go for “hard-bodied blokes.” Poor Sacha.

And Serena went for a drink with the hunky police chief.

Next time: Some old faces return to Holby (hurrah!). Elliot has to make tough decisions, and Dominic and Digby both have issues to confront.


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12 responses to “Holby City: Career suicide

  1. Tracey

    Absolutely loving every reading your reviews every week, they brighten my day.
    So glad fletch lives to save the day, let’s hope he stays 😃
    Looking forward to next week and the Autumn teaser trailer looks good too

  2. HolbyNut

    Please fix Diggers – he is one of my all-time favourites. Thought Serena and Hanssen were like disappointed parents when Diggers was ‘fessing up to them…and then thought they would have been more supportive. Hopefully Dom will help to sort him out.
    Seb is getting scary.
    Love the new nurse – I actually think I have met many nurses like her before. Brash but brilliant!

  3. HolbyNut

    Oooh, and have just watched the Old Faces link – hurrah!

  4. Yes, I thought Hanssen’s attitude towards Digby’s long term mental health problems rather old fashioned – ‘sink or swim’ is akin to ‘pull your socks up’ – not very enlightened! Also I thought it rich that they all had a go at the heart patient’s drink problem, when the first thing they all do after a shift is hit the bars, Selfie even keeps a bottle in his office!

  5. Dreamer

    What happened to Serena’s boyfriend/lover/whatever???
    Agree with fredpipes about Hanssen’s behaviour towards Digby’s mental illness.

  6. I thought Morven was going to tell on Diggers. I am starting to tire of that storyline. Seb is a psychopath I think, he seems to have a narcissism way about him, very full on with Zosia. You just know she fancies Ollie, I do too 😉 But Diggers will find out how ace Dom is, like true buddies.

  7. holbybunners

    Dreamer – you ask about Serena’s Boyfriend ?

    I assume you mean the one she ended up on the floor with? For some reason (that I cannot recollect) he was under the influence of something or other and declared his undying admiration for her. She subsequently made a date with him .. but eventually declared he was not for her – too dull.

    During this last episode – as indicated in brilliant review above – she and a police chief were eying each other up and went for a date (a drink?) after work.

  8. Neil.

    Do you not review Casualty anymore ?

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