Holby City: I’d catch a grenade for you

selfie fletch holby(Series 17, ep.48) When I say this episode was an absolute joy (as Nick Fisher episodes usually are), it wasn’t just because Selfie had to hold a live grenade for most of it. There was also the delicious banter between Mr Oliver Valentine and Dr Zosia March (“Makes my toes curl just thinking about it”), and Dr Dominic Copeland trying to maintain his perkiness between the twin difficulties of getting evils from Hanssen and having to deal with the world’s gloomiest (and funniest) man.

fletch ron holbyBut first we’d best keep an eye on that live grenade. Ron (John Bowler), the husband of the recently deceased Milly, was wandering around the hospital carrying a Napoleonic era box (thank you, Digby) containing photos of his late wife. He wanted Selfie to see them, to see the woman Milly was and had been rather than a set of symptoms. Selfie proved to be a hard man to get to, what with being locked away in the ivory tower of the Self Centre. Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher is an easier man to get to, because he wanders around previously unseen areas of the hospital exterior just for the purpose of finding upset people to be nice to. He’s been trained on Casualty, where they do a lot of that sort of thing. He’s kind and he’s lovely (Dr Raf Not-Smug adores him and the Fletchlings and wants them to stay forever at Not-Smug Towers) and he oozes empathy. So he said he’d bob up to the Self Centre and get Selfie to come down and talk to Ron. 

holby city 1What he didn’t know was that Ron’s Napoleonic era box also contained a little gift for Selfie – a grenade (or Mills bomb, as we now know it must be termed. Holby is so educational). If Selfie had been apologetic, humble and half way human, I imagine the bomb would have stayed in the box, but he was his usual pompous, arrogant Self (“hand-holding isn’t his forte” – who knew?). In no time at all he found himself holding a live grenade – and if he let go half the hospital would be blown to kingdom come in four to seven seconds (depending on exactly how old the grenade was).

The next half hour was thoroughly exciting as the hospital was evacuated and armed police roamed the eerily quiet halls. Fletch could have evacuated himself, too, as Ron had no wish to blow up such a nice man, but instead he did his best to keep things calm and stop Selfie doing anything stupid. When the bomb was dropped, it was Fletch who went running outside with it to try and fling it as far away as possible – and after the explosion it was Fletch who was left in a pool of blood.

Will he pull through, or will Dr Raf Not-Smug end up having to look after the orphaned Fletchlings full time?

zosia ollie holby cityWhen the bomb scare happened, Zosia, Elliot and Oliver were in the middle of surgery, so they had to try and evacuate a patient whose heart was visible to even the most casual observer. It was a tense and stressful situation, but Zosia had already admitted that there was nothing she liked better than cutting people up, and days with Oliver and Elliot in theatre were the best days of her week. Bless her. She said it was even better than sex, but considering her current partner is Slimy Seb, that’s not such a surprising statement.

zosia ollie holbyWhen the bomb went off, Ollie and Zosia went flying. He was flat on his back and looking lifeless, but oh so pretty. When he opened his eyes Zosia was so happy and relieved that she had no option but to give him a thorough kissing. Bless.

No such fun for Dr Dominic Copeland, who was busy looking after the world’s most lugubrious man (played by Dai Bradley who was in Kes – and it’s spooky how you can still see Billy Casper’s eyes looking at you dai bradley holbyfrom an older face). Richie Hicks wasn’t only a committed pessimist who could “produce more pus than they’ve ever seen,” he needed a tricky vacuum dressing and was also in the middle of a malpractice claim against another doctor. Dominic thought he’d been set up by Hanssen, but he and Richie eventually developed quite a bond (“Dominic, the treatment is doomed!”). When Dominic found Richie smoking in the toilets when he was supposed to be being evacuated, he called him a drama queen. “I’m not lucky enough to even create a vacuum,” muttered Richie.

Dominic dealt beautifully with all this, but he still didn’t get Hanssen’s approval. I really think this has gone on long enough and if Hanssen doesn’t recognise soon that Dominic is (a) trying hard and (b) adorable, I shall be writing him a memo.

And in other news, Digby doesn’t high five. Ever. It doesn’t sit right with him.

Next time: Will Fletch pull through? How will Digby cope with the stress of it all? And will Zosia decide to dump Slimy Seb and keep the smile on Ollie’s face?


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27 responses to “Holby City: I’d catch a grenade for you

  1. Loved this episode and loved your review almost as much! I am so fed up with Mo, what is wrong with the woman? First she snubs the lovely Mr T and then sides with the horrible Clifford! Praying here for a good outcome! Also can’t wait for Jemma Redgrave to join the gang, future episodes look exciting!

  2. HolbyNut

    Fab episode and yes, I thought that too….after the explosion, Olly did look so beautiful. The mattress/moan chat between Zosia and Seb was toe-curling, in a really bad way! Loved the pessimist – hilarious!

  3. J

    A part of me really wants Flaf to happen. >_> I know it can’t be a thing, but…

  4. Please tell me it wasn’t just me wondering why Seb was the one updating the situation to the press rather than Hansen. I mean, I sort of get it in a plot sense – what’s better than have your boyfriend inform you that your dad’s life is in danger, but it just felt really wrong to me. Anyone else agree or is it just me…

  5. mrssatan

    The Mills bomb was quite poetic as Ron had spent last week calling his wife Mills… I guess he thought that as Selfie had killed his Mills then his other Mills could kill Selfie

  6. Thunderchild

    If only Adele had been there….after all she is probably a trained hostage negotiator and bomb disposal expert!

  7. Cate

    I thought it was pretty clear that Fletch was going to have to come up with something pretty exceptional so Mo would relent on his leaving Holby, but, wow!

    A couple of minor things niggled – were the police team really stupid enough to see taking Ron out as soon as the marksman could ‘eyeball’ him as a good move? Given Fletch had told them he was handcuffed to Selfie, whose steady grip on the Mills bomb was the only thing standing between Holby and a major unscheduled re-design?

    And lovely as it was to finally see ‘Zollie’ launch, I didn’t buy Zosia lip locking just at the point when the explosion went off, given she knew her dad’s likely proximity to it. But at least that is hopefully an end to the ludicrously unprofessional canoodling around the wards between her and Seb (you’d think store cupboards and wet labs had never been invented!)

    Other than that, cracking episode!

    • The thing that niggled with me was the way Fletch was so willing to put himself in harm’s way. I know he’s a lovely man etc, but surely he’d have been thinking about his kids – if he dies they have nobody. Except Raf, obvs.

    • Martin

      I think they just wanted to make the police characters as true to life as possible.

  8. Fletcher loves his kids but he loves being in the here and now then all sense seems to leave his head, a child forever his kids are more grown up than him!
    No more sexual tension between Zollie will she secret escape him somewhere!

  9. mrssatan

    Can anyone help me out with a niggle? I would have thought that large equipment in operating theatres would be three phase… if so, how could they plug the heart bypass machine in on the ward where I assume (from time spent on wards) as normal supply is single phase… am I correct or just being annoyed over nothing?

  10. Barbara

    I agree re Fletch, Sue, and and the improbability of him potentially orphaning his children. As for Ollie/Zoshie, I can’t help feeling they deserve each other though the weirdly improbable Seb will probably turn into a bunny boiler….

    I must say I’m missing Jonny and Jac – does anyone know if/when they’re coming back.

    Somewhat off topic, and continuing a slightly surreal theme, what on earth was Jeremy Corbyn doing in Saturday’s Casualty, dressed as a cowboy….?

  11. jenjen

    Loved the episode, great review as always!

    On a side note, noticed that (along with Jac Naylor!) Frieda Petrenko/Olga Fedori is on the cast list for the week after next…is she coming back!?

  12. Ben Bull

    Great review Sue, have been reading these for a while and have always thoroughly enjoyed them.

    This episode is certainly one of the best in a while, pretty much showed how much I loathe Selfie. He really shows little to no empathy.
    I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Fletch when he was on Casualty, a good man at heart and selfless but hard to stomach that his kids would be potentially orphaned. I however ship Flaf 😝, Raf is so lovely!
    Really starting to like Ollie, anyway to make sure Seb disappears I’d be happy! Dom and patient had me in stitches.

    As said, great review 😀

  13. Dreamer

    It seems the grenade had longer than 7 seconds to blow up. And was it just me or did Fletch linger a bit after he threw it?

    As for the Zollie kiss
    1) The transitioning between scenes from her panicking about Selfie, the kiss itself and Fletch bleeding seemed a bit disjointed/jarring and
    2) They’d just been knocked unconscious: How were they not disoriented (-tated?), coughing with all the dust/debris, and quite probably have minor bruising and pain from the fall?

    Apart from these quibbles, I really enjoyed the episode.

  14. holbybunners

    I enjoyed the episode and review . ..

    I thought that Seb updated the press precisely because he is a psych.

    I dont think the police had any choice about shooting Ron. Wasnt he about to prise Selfies hands from the bomb .. having tricked Fletch into thinking he was giving himself up ..?

    No doubt Adele would have known what to do ..

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