Holby City: A breath of fresh air

selfie holby(Series 17, ep.46) Why is Selfie still at Holby? And why are we still having to endure him working through the loss of his wife? I know that sounds heartless, but he’s fictional so I don’t feel too bad about it.

He’s had some brochures printed for his Self Centre of Neurosurgery. They have a picture of him on the cover (just to tempt any funders who may be enticed by craggy features) and they reminded me of Plastic Bhatti, another ego on a stick who liked pictures of himself in brochures. Look how he turned out.

Anyways, the Self Centre was temporarily shunted down to AAU this week, because Keller was apparently full, but it turned out to be handy when a face from Selfie’s past appeared with a broken wrist. Milly (Amber Aga) had gone through chemotherapy with Selfie’s late wife, so it was almost inevitable that she would have more than a broken wrist wrong with her. What she had was cancer in her brain, and Selfie persuaded her (against her wishes, really) to have surgery. This was only partially successful and Milly died, leaving her husband distraught and Selfie drowning his miserable sorrows in Albie’s and picking fights with Jesse (who apparently used to be a surgeon. Did we know this or is it new?). 

hanssen sacha holbyHanssen was also on the move. His lovely office was being “fumigated,” (possibly fleas brought in by the symbolic bird he reared during his first spell there). If only Adele had been around she’d have found him a spare room and had it fitted up as a plush new office suite in no time, but she’s still convalescing, so Hanssen was forced to move in with Sacha for the day as it was the only spare desk space available in the entire hospital.

The point of this was that Sacha felt the eyes of Swedish scrutiny upon him all day long, but it was one of those occasions where Sacha’s instincts paid off and he improved his patient’s life. Hanssen was pleased. “Days like these are a breath of fresh air,” he told Sacha, and thanked him for having him on Keller like a very polite and supernaturally tall child at the end of a playdate.

sacha essie holbySacha’s patient (Lorraine Stanley) was a pregnant heroin addict (disappointingly there was no sign of Mr T, who is usually on hand at the very first sniff of an occupied uterus). After he’d fixed up her surgical problem and sorted her out with various support services, he told her she would be a great mother. She said he would be a great parent too. Despite reading in Rachel’s diary that she thought he was a rubbish dad (and you could argue that the fact he’d read a private diary is further proof of that), he’s decided to give parenting yet another go, and told Essie he wants them to have a baby. Dominic is going to literally heave when he finds out.

ollie zosia holbyOn Darwin, Oliver Valentine and Zosia March were flirting like nobody’s business. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, because it’s put a spring back in Ollie’s step and he’s very much O. Positive these days. The only fly in the ointment is the bearded, badly dressed fly known as Psych Seb – the “pound shop Carl Jung,” as Ollie called him. You know Ollie’s feeling better when he says stuff like that.

I’m still wondering whether Psych Seb is going to turn Psycho Seb. It’s not just the cardigans. There’s an odd glint in his eye and he seems ever so possessive. Frankly, I’m worried.


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19 responses to “Holby City: A breath of fresh air

  1. Andrew P

    and thanked him for having him on Keller like a very polite and supernaturally tall child at the end of a playdate.

    This is such a great line! Brill review as ever, but this is the star!

  2. Thunderchild

    You missed the best bid of the whole episode – Hanssen aliking Dominic to a cockroach!

    Not nearly enough of Serena showing Selfie who isn’t boss though.

    • The cockroach line was beautifully delivered as always. I also liked the little scene when Digby was introduced to Milly as Zosia’s room mate and he said it wasn’t “like that. I mean, I have, but so have a lot of people.”

  3. mrssatan

    I’d be having my office fumigated if it had previously occupied Self and his over-inflated ego. I’m only surprised it took them this long to realise!

    HH was on fine form… 😍 loved the cockroach comment (although I think a person with Henrik’s moral compass would give second chances, no matter that Malick is a friend).

    “and thanked him for having him on Keller like a very polite and supernaturally tall child at the end of a playdate” – this got me some very funny looks at the hairdressers… I was virtually snorting with laughter!

  4. Luce

    I’m finding the tall swede unbearable in this second stint, be gone with him along with Sacha, Guy, Raf and Adele

  5. Magic.Alice

    That look right at the end between Zosia and Ollie was just, oh my god. I think Psych Seb will become Psycho Seb, in an interview I read that Seb becomes quite controlling…which is why I love Zollie so much! They’d make a lovely couple, I just plain don’t like Seb…

  6. Dreamer

    Frankly I want to smack Ollie. Seb may be unlikable (and probably creepy), but there’s no need to shit on psychology, and his posturing is positively insufferable. Zosia deserves better.

  7. HolbyNut

    Thought the biscuits deserved a mention too – as an ‘expert’ in the cookie arena, I believe they were Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference quadruple choc cookies. How Zosia resisted???

  8. holbybunners

    Just been watching my recording of the series about the Bloomsbury set and lo – it featured Guy Henry as Leonard Woolf .. and very lovely he was too .. His appearances were a highlight in an otherwise poor drama.

    Getting back to Holby .. great episode and with a hint that Fletch might not be leaving after all – as well as the looming one doing what he does best.

    Sigh …

  9. Neil.

    I cant be the only guy here to think Zosia looked fab in her civvies in the left at the end of the program, no wonder Dr O positive gave her a longing look as he fought the urge to vomit as creepey seb mauled the fragrant Zosia.

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