Casualty: The wedding goes with a bang. And a splash

max zoe casualty(Series 29, ep.46) Soap weddings are never uneventful – that would be a major waste of a plot opportunity. Even worse, they usually end in some kind of tragedy. So when Max and Zoe decided to get married, I had mixed feelings. She’s my favourite Casualty character and he’s the prettiest man in the hospital, so on paper it’s all good, but knowing it would turn out to be some kind of bad wasn’t good. If you see what I mean.

max casualtyIn a nod to her bad girl days, Zoe ended her hen night by sleeping with a random stranger. Despite Max being the most sensible, kindest and loveliest person in the world (as well as the prettiest), Zoe was having second thoughts. She almost didn’t go through with the wedding, but Max persuaded her that the fag breaks and the Curlie Wurlies were too good to give up. The wedding was low key, but the reception was a big do in a marquee. In hindsight they should have perhaps chosen a less flammable venue, like the pub across the road or Rodolfo’s.

A careless word by Dylan (reunited with Dervla but now officially diagnosed with OCD) alerted Max to Zoe’s hen night infidelity, and there were tears. Zoe ended up on Dylan’s boat asking him to steer off to Anywhere But Here.

zoe casualtyBack at the marquee, a fight broke out between Max and Charlie’s waste of skin son Louis, a patio heater went over, and there was a fire. Zoe saw the flames from the boat and asked Dylan to steer back to shore, but a bit of burning debris also set fire to the boat. Dylan couldn’t put the fire out and said they’d better swim. Zoe didn’t consider what a wet bridal gown might weigh, and jumped into the murky waters of the River Wyvern (I’m just guessing that bit). When last seen, she was treading water – but will she be able to stay afloat? Will Max rescue her? Where was Dervla? And would everyone back at the marquee be alright?

So many questions, hopefully to be answered next weekend, which is also a two parter.

In other news, it turns out that Louise used to be a nurse. And Dr Lily Chao is apparently mutating into Connie Beauchamp.


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5 responses to “Casualty: The wedding goes with a bang. And a splash

  1. James

    Dylan commented that his dog was at the kennels, and in all the chaos that was the first gripping Casualty episode in ages, you forgot to mention the seemingly unescapable death of the beloved Dylan himself!

  2. Cate

    So no-one (not prod team, or actor or writers) remembers that Louise couldn’t cope with all the barfing and mess (that go with sick and injured people) when she was reluctantly pressed into going out with Dixie and Jeff(?) for a shift? Despite all that she was a nurse all the time. Who’d a thought it?

    Poor Dylan. That was a heck of an explosion. Not sure he could have survived being on that boat when it went up. Not without being horribly injured. Is this going to ‘bring everything back’ for Dixie? Talking of who, that sort of smirky nudge she gave Iain – have I missed something brewing between him and Rita?

    And Zoe did look really, really lovely.

  3. I don’t think them getting married at Rodolfo’s would have been a good idea – as the last couple that did that are no longer together…

    And what is it with people at that hospital relating a chocolate bar to their relationship??? First Ollie and Tara with the Twirl and now Max and Zoe with the Curly Wirly – what’s gonna be next – Jacob and Connie (who, lets face it are gonna be together at some point) with a Wispa…

  4. Dreamer

    I wanted to smack both Max and Louis for their derogatory comments to/about Zoe.