Holby City: Bring on the day

dominic holby(Series 17, ep.45) How adorable is Dr Dominic Copeland? You’d have to say “very adorable,” unless you were Hanssen, who remains to be convinced.

This week, the medic formerly known as Darren was charged with looking after a group of girls, A level students who were thinking about a career in medicine. They were a bit of a handful, at one point practically storming the ward and causing Hanssen to have to use his Cross Voice to sort them out. I didn’t think their behaviour was the most realistic thing I’d ever seen, but it gave Dominic plenty of opportunities to be snippy and sarcastic and put-upon, all of which he does gloriously well. 

hanssen dominic holbyWhen the inevitable Curse of the Holby Visitor struck down one of the girls and she ended up as a patient, Dominic came good with a diagnosis. Hanssen said he’d pop by to watch Dominic operate on the girl, and when he got there he found everyone scrubbed up and ready to go – but where was Dominic?

He was on the roof, sorting out a girl who’d been bullying his patient. Very sweet of him, and in the long term probably just as much use to his patient as the surgery was, but not the sort of thing to score brownie points with the world’s scariest Swede. At the end Hanssen staged perhaps his finest loom ever. Dominic was telling Essie that one day Hanssen would “bitterly regret all those times he misjudged me as a complete and utter waste of space.” As he spoke, Hanssen glided around the corner behind him and uttered, “Bring on the day, say I.”

holbyMeanwhile, Lucy Mottica was back on AAU with an infected wound and a pair of souvenir cufflinks for Raf. Cara – given something to do at last – had a word with Raf, telling him gifts from patients could be “misinterpreted,” and suggesting Lucy was getting a bit too fond of him. She was right. It turned out that Lucy had been messing with her wounds so she would have to go back to hospital and be looked after by Raf. He told her that he cared about her, but not in a romantic sense. Will she get the message? Or is Raf going to need a bodyguard?

elliot oliver holbyUp on Darwin, Prof Elliot Hope has been offered a new job. Hanssen wants him to be Director of Research (Adele would have been first choice, but she’s still convalescing). Elliot munched on a doughnut and mused that he could “now make his artificial lung dream a reality.” Everyone told Elliot that this was the job he’d worked his whole life for, and hurrah and everything, but Elliot’s response was to do a 360 degree gaze around the ward in a ‘how can I give this all up, even to pursue my artificial lung dream?’ manner. 


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17 responses to “Holby City: Bring on the day

  1. How many times has someone been on the roof threatening to jump, in both Holby and Casualty? Why don’t the hospital authorities just lock it up and only accessible for maintenance work? Unless, maybe the staff go there when off duty for some sunbathing ?!

    • But she wasn’t threatening to jump – she’d only gone for a ciggie. The principle still applies, though – it really shouldn’t be so easy to get up there.

      • wiggles

        Don’t get me started on the ease with which all and sundry get on the roof or it will lead to a rant about the many and numerous unrealities of NHS life portrayed on Holby (and believe me you don’t want that!!)
        But thebigmart I do believe the roof IS (or at least was) a favourite spot for the sun-worshippers/vitamin D needers of the hospital staff – I distinctly remember an episode where (the much-missed, although not with Sahira) Greg was up there doing just that with a (I think) bevy of beauties, possibly including (the also much-missed) M-C,

      • thebigmart

        Maybe they ought to have a lock with a pin code to enter the roof. Staff will obviously be given the code, but not anybody else.

  2. HolbyNut

    An enjoyable enough little episode but missed Zolly (that’s Dr M and Dr V btw). And what about Essie’s baby chat a few weeks ago – are we to assume that she is on the Folic Acid, pending?

  3. mrssatan

    The episode was brilliant and so is your review… I adored Dom and the Epic Loom had me rolling around on the floor laughing…


  4. Really loved this episode, back to usual Holby City drama! Elliott must take up the new role, which then opens up the position of head of Darwin for Jac’s return. Hear she is back filming, really hope her and Jonny still together and that she does not go near Guy Self! Sasha looking good last night, has he been on a diet?

    • wiggles

      I’m not actually sure Director of Research is actually a good fit for Elliot – judging from the state of his desk I wouldn’t think he’d be the best person to keep on top of all those research projects.
      Although obviously am all in favour of Jac coming back to her rightful place as Queen of Darwin (and am sure that whether she’s with Jonny or not she won’t go anywhere near Selfie again!!!)

      • Must disagree about Elliot, he is a bit bonkers therefore very suitable for new role. He will have minions to keep his office in order (perhaps Adele can step up) . Fingers crossed about Jac and Selfie!

  5. holbybunners

    Thanks for great review .. super episode too

    Anyone else any hopes for Rara .. Raf and Cara.. or should it be Caf?

  6. holbybunners

    Except whoops I forgot – we had that little scene at the end when Cary put her wedding and engagement rings back on ..

    So maybe no Rara … or even Caf ..

  7. mrssatan

    I’ve been thinking about Henrik, and I believe he is an incredibly lonely and emotionally damaged/fragile man.

    We know that his mother died when he was young, and that his relationship with his father was difficult to say the least. Being packed off to boarding school in another country, starved of any parental affection must have been difficult.

    Then we have his relationship with Maja; his son Fredrik, not to mention Fredrik’s partner Sarah and their son. We don’t really know what happened between him and Maja; why he was estranged from her and Fredrik; and we currently have no idea what went on when he returned to Sweden.

    Bypassing the whole Sahira Shah business because it still makes me shudder; I can’t help but wonder if his behaviour (the OCD, the looming and the sarcasm) are manifestations of the lack of affection; his defence mechanisms. I feel he must have been bullied at school, he doesn’t seem to make friends easily, and I also believe that deep down it must hurt him when he overhears people such as Guy and Dom talking about him behind his back and so he hides it with a detached disposition and a cutting response. We know he has a softer side (the bird, the baby under the desk, Tara, and not forgetting the toy snowman), and we also know he has a sense of humour (his comment to Fletch about the chocolate bar), but I get the feeling that no one actually knows the real Henrik Hanssen at all; perhaps not even Henrik himself as he’s been keeping him hidden for so very long. Perhaps he’s forgotten the “real” Henrik Hanssen too.

  8. ceramicqueen

    Thanks for a great review as usual. I am still wiping tears of laughter from my eye over the Epic Loom. It was fabulous! How could the actors not laugh themselves.

  9. Lyn Mills

    Oh Sue! I’ve been waiting for this review with bated breath and it doesn’t disappoint! What an episode, thanks for summarising and giving us the extra giggles. I love this programme and yes, Dominic too.

  10. Ms Boods

    Sascha’s Beatles shirt was, to coin a phrase, fab! Want!