Casualty: Tess leaves, world just about carries on turning

tess charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.44) This episode was the exit of beloved senior nurse Tess Bateman, a woman who has endured much during her time in Casualty, including being impaled on a spike for a whole episode and an affair with Fletch – two experiences that are in no way comparable. Personally I’ll remember her most fondly for her dancing partnership with the wonderful Abs. They were so sweet. 

tess casualtyBut with all of that activity, and keeping her head when all around her were losing theirs episode after episode, she deserves a rest, so it was nice that she had a happy ending. Her son Sam appeared unexpectedly, but even more unexpectedly he had a baby with him. Tess is a granma (as Zoe and Charlie were eager to point out at every opportunity), and Sam needs her help with the baby in Leeds. So reluctantly she’s hanging up her uniform and heading for Yorkshire. An emotional Charlie assured her that the Holby world will keep on turning – only a bit less efficiently.

dylan casualtyIt’s a shame Tess and her special brand of calm firmness will be absent, because Holby A&E is in need of placid types. There’s new Jacob kicking off all over the place (still being kind but shouty), and most worryingly Dylan seems to be in the throes of a breakdown. His dog is still missing, and Dylan is not his usual self. He left the department in a blood-stained shirt, with everyone turning to gaze at him silently in a way that never happens in real life.

ethan honey casualtySomeone who had a perkier day of it was Ethan. A bit of brains-speak from Robyn to the friend of a patient made Ethan realise that he had to be a bit bolder in pursuing the radiant Honey, so he did what any self-respecting 19th century suitor would do and went to ask Noel for his permission to ask Honey out. Noel was thrilled (a doctor for a son-in-law? Hurrah!), and luckily for Ethan, Honey overheard the conversation so there was no need for him to repeat himself by asking her out directly. Even luckier, she likes him too and they were last seen going for brunch, lunch and possibly dinner if they eat very slowly. And breakfast if Ethan is feeling very brave.

big mac max casualtyCatering and romance were also on Max’s mind, as he’s got a wedding and a stag do to plan. This raised the inevitable question of who would be best man. Actually it was Big Mac who raised that inevitable question and volunteered himself, but Lofty is really Max’s best mate and he’d had a bad shift, so Big Mac generously stepped aside.


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3 responses to “Casualty: Tess leaves, world just about carries on turning

  1. Dreamer

    1. Why did Tess have to leave???
    2. Why is Charlie still there? I can’t stand his acting; he’s the TV version of Emma Watson.
    3. I don’t much care for a dude asking the Dad for permission to date the daughter, but Hethan are together. So yay.
    4. Are nurses allowed to mess with patients’ minds?
    5. Dylan, my baby. Let me hug you. 😦
    6. I didn’t catch it, but was there a trailer near the end of Zoe running away from her wedding…?

  2. mrssatan

    I have a few issues with this episode:

    1) Why all of a sudden has “bullying Lofty” become the ED sport of choice. He isn’t useless and no one who is “giving him a kicking” hasn’t made a mistake before. People in glass houses and all that…

    2) Dylan and his breakdown; it just isn’t making sense to me. He was a brilliant doctor (even if his interpersonal skills made Dr Gregory House look positively congenial) and yet now he is a blood covered mess… I’m hoping we get some sort of conclusion soon because I’m doing the math and nothing is adding up!

    3) Jacob; a man so full of his own importance he might get suffocated by his own ego!

    4) The Holby City HR fluidity… no notice period just a “Hey I’m a Grandma and I’m moving to Leeds at the end of my shift!”

  3. Neil.

    I had hoped Lilly would be around to see Ethan kissing Honey, but no 😦

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