Holby City: Don’t panic!

hanssen holby(Series 17, ep.44) It’s always a dramatic episode when you have half the cast having to wear protective face masks and at least one of the wards on virtual lockdown. It was Darwin’s turn for that sort of thing this week, as Brigitte (Sally Dexter), an old colleague of Elliot’s, arrived with a couple of patients with drug resistant TB who needed the high quality care – and publicity – only Holby can provide.

This meant regular patients having to be sent home, but one of them was refusing to go quietly. He did get as far as Pulses before crashing to the ground amid the muffins. Luckily Mr T (MR T!!!) was heroically on hand to do CPR and save him. 

elliot hanssen holbyElliot decided this patient was the priority, and Dr Oliver Valentine was more than capable of whipping the lung out of the TB patient (a simpler procedure, apparently). This wasn’t good enough for Brigitte. She tried to get Mo back to do the other op, but when Mo wasn’t available Brigitte just went ahead and pretended she was. This left Elliot to attend to the TB patient.

Was Brigitte justified in her actions, given that she thought the publicity of having world class surgeon Elliot Hope operating on her patients was like gold dust as far as raising money to treat other people was concerned? Or was she putting patients at risk and behaving unethically? Elliot, Oli and Hanssen were of the latter opinion, and Hanssen told her in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t be welcome back at Holby. He can’t have people arranging press conferences on the steps and that sort of thing without his say-so.

That's him told

That’s him told

Meanwhile on Keller, Essie was still broody and was inviting Sacha to consider having his vasectomy reversed. This brought tears to his eyes for all sorts of reasons, but he’s been well trained and he agreed that what Essie wanted, Essie could have. He was surprised by her reaction, which was what I would call a “double reverse Chrissie” – she managed to look irritated and disapproving while telling him that she wasn’t one of those Chrissie-like women who would treat him like a doormat, and if they weren’t both on board with the baby plan it wouldn’t happen. No wonder Sacha looks confused most of the time.

morven holbyOn AAU, Serena decided it was time Morven moved out of the shadow of Dr Digby and handled a patient on her own. She did this spectacularly badly, because she still had to learn that new doctor lesson about not speaking your scary diagnoses out loud and terrifying your patient. Serena knows that beneath all her quirks (talking in rhyming slang this week) and insecurities, Morven has the makings of a brilliant doctor.

Catering news now, and I was thrilled to discover that Pulses has branched out from coffee and muffins and you can now enjoy a panini. The choices seem a little limited – ham and cheese or cheese and ham, apparently – but a change is as good as a rest, menu-wise.


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14 responses to “Holby City: Don’t panic!

  1. With Pulses in the main entrance, how come Casualty only have somewhere to get coffee when Honey is around?

    • A&E must have a different entrance. My local hospital is like that – there’s a main entrance with a coffee bar, but A&E is around the back somewhere. It does feel like a different hospital. Not as different as one being in Cardiff and the other being in Hertfordshire, though.

    • Mr Donnelly

      In Holby City they also have a bar apparently on the hospital premises. Casualty staff have never made use of this – when it was filmed in Bristol they had to go to the Bull and Gate in town but since it’s moved to Cardiff they have a pub across the road from the ED entrance.

  2. mrssatan

    I have two words to say about last night’s episode:

    Henrik Hanssen


  3. On the button review one again! Loved last night, lots of drama and teams pulling together. Elliot’s friend was horrid and so glad Oliver shouted at her, he seems to be coming back into his own again. I am getting so bored with Sasha/Essie story line, I think he should give up on women and get a dog!

  4. I agree with Ollie and Elliot, that Dr was out of order, but that is what ethics does. I wonder if Ollie had experienced the likes of this in Mexico? My main hospital (ARI in Aberdeen) has a coffee shop just out the doors of A & E and a coffee shop and a coffee bar just as you walk in the entrance.

  5. Emma Chaplin

    One was cheese and tomato darling!

  6. Vaudelin

    Great review as always although I didn’t enjoy the first part of this episode, it seemed to take an age to warm up but did get better. Also, as much as I love Henrik, Elliot, Serena and Mr T, I do miss Jac. Does anyone know when she is coming back? Please tell me she is coming back!

  7. Andrew P

    It seems that Hanssen and Elliot are best buddies now, which I didn’t really see coming – or have I missed something? Also, Elliot’s friend was awful – glad she’s not sticking around.

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