Holby City: It’s not chocolate – it’s a fresh start

(Series 17, ep. 43) July must be a slow month in the Holby calendar as far as births are concerned, because for the second week running top Obs & Gynae consultant Mr T (MR T!!!) was busying himself being supportve by Adele’s bedside, and laying on frothy coffee “and a selection of delicious cakes” to comfort the worried relatives. This didn’t include Jesse, who spent most of the episode looking after the daughter of a former girlfriend who had to have her brain fixed before she could speak his and convince him that he was proper fiancé material.
With Adele not showing much sign of improvement, Mo got rather emotional by the bedside and told Adele to come back, because Mo needed her. There’s nothing Adele likes more than being needed, so she woke up. Hurrah! She needs to get better ASAP, because that Nobel Prize won’t win itself.
Fletch’s conscience was bothering him, because he is A Good Man (as the episode was properly titled), so he ‘fessed up to Mo. She said as soon as Adele woke up, she’d be going to the police. After Adele did wake up, Mo decided she couldn’t deprive Fletch’s kids of their dad (because she is A Good Woman), so she’s given him a month to find a new hospital. There’s a mythical one just down the road he might try…
Meanwhile, Fletch had promised his son some chocolate, and when he found a pound coin he tried to use it in the vending machine. When the chocolate failed to drop, he gave the machine a good kicking, which was witnessed by Dr Raf Not-Smug. In the second big emotional scene of the episode, Fletch told Raf how he got into debt, and Raf – sweetheart of a man that he is – said he would give/lend Fletch all the money he needs to get out of trouble, plus he offered to put Fletch and the Fletchlings up at Not-Smug Towers so they didn’t have to stay in a dodgy B&B.
When fortune turns, it turns good and proper – and as Fletch was walking past the vending machine, the chocolate bar dropped out. He did a little happy-dance just as Hanssen loomed behind him. “I hope the chocolate bar you’re wielding lives up to the expectations you’re ascribing to it,” said Hanssen. “It’s not a chocolate bar,” said Fletch. “It’s a fresh start.” It’s a metaphor, that’s what it is.
On Darwin, Elliot has decided to dub the Valentine/March combo “Team Oz,” not because they’re off to see the wizard, but because it’s their initials. They do make a lovely team, too. They snipe like they’re in a rom-com, they infuriate each other and they make each other smile. They’re adorable. There’s just one fly in the ointment – Slimy Seb, or “my boyfriend,” as Zosia refers to him. Gah! Can’t she see that the man has terrible dress sense and his red sporty car is just a little phallic symbol on wheels?

(apologies for lack of photos and odd formatting – I’m currently somewhere near a glacier in Norway. Normal service will resume next week).


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5 responses to “Holby City: It’s not chocolate – it’s a fresh start

  1. mrssatan

    Brilliant review for a brilliant episode (if you ignore the Adele: Patron Saint of Irritating Characters bits). I love Raf now, although I am a little concerned as to why Lucy Mottica is calling him. Raf’s wife Barf doing the dirty on him with Dr Posh and then buggering off has been the making of him!

    Agree with you about Seb; he turned up on the ward looking like a refugee from The Village People! *shudders*

    I adored HH’s comment about the chocolate bar… I love it when we see that side of him (makes me go all gooey inside)… Excuse me, I’m off to melt 😍

  2. Been waiting all day for your review, loved it as usual! Zosia and Oliver “just good friends”. I don’t think so! Look forward to weeks of ups and downs before they work it out. Love how the program always shows good over evil and that Fletch now seeing a way forward. Enjoyed last night and found the ‘George’ voice hilarious!

  3. Emma Chaplin

    There was something of the Marcel Marceau about Seb’s outfit for me. Troubling.

    The daughter of the ex was recently in Catlin Moran’s Made in Wolves. She was superb in it actually.

    And the Fletch/Raf moment was a lovely one.

  4. holbybunners

    The daughter of the ex (Tallulah?) played Germaine in “Wolves” and was – as you say – superb.

    She was – for many years “Peep” in The Archers but has now been replaced – and ’nuff said about that ..

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